Translate PDF online: the best free tools that will help you

The format PDF has become the standard for storing digital documents par excellence. Practically all the documents that we use will be saved in that format and if we are working with a PDF, we may have to translate it. So, we are going to show you 5 free tools to translate PDF online.

Whether they are informative documents, invoices, contracts to sign. Many times we need to interact with PDF documents. Luckily, there are several tools and programs to translate PDF. No installation, online and free. We show them to you.

If you need translate text from a PDF to another language, whether for professional or personal reasons, you should make use of the following tools.

5 free tools to translate PDF online

Translate PDF with Google Translate

Translate a PDF with Google Translate

It is the fastest and easiest solution. We have all used Google Translate at times to translate phrases or words that we did not know their meaning, that is obvious. Therefore, it is also necessary to include this tool as a PDF translation method.

Google has included a translate tool documents online and freeWe can include various formats (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls ...). In addition to the traditional Google translator, we also have this functionality that allows you to translate an entire PDF document. To do this, we will click on Documents, we look for the file and translate.

La only condition to translate documents in Google Translate, is that PDF file cannot exceed 1MB in size. Google will translate the document, but It will NOT keep the layout or the images. Don't order elm pears.

Therefore, Google Translate will be a good option if we only want to translate the text without preserving its original state (layout, images, graphics, tables, etc.).

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Translate a PDF with Google Translate on the Smartphone

If what we want is to translate a PDF file on our mobile, we can also do it with Google Translate. We must bear in mind that here the process it is not as simple or comfortable as on the PC. On the mobile we will not be able to upload the PDF file for it to translate automatically.

To use Google Translate on the Smartphone we will do the following:

  • We download and open the Google Translate App.
  • We enter the application and click on Adjustments
  • We click on Touch to translate. 
  • Next, we activate the button Enable. 
  • En Preferred languages, we select the conversion language.
  • Now, when we open a PDF on our mobile, we select the text that we want to translate. 
  • Once selected, we give to copy. Automatically, a google translate icon on the screen.
  • We press the icon to translate the text saved on the clipboard when copying it.
  • A Google Translate screen will open with the translation of the text that we copied.

Translate PDF with Google Docs and Drive

Translate a PDF with Google Docs and Drive

The Google company is wonderful. It offers us, in addition to Google Translate, Google Docs and Google Drive to translate PDF quickly, easily and for free. 

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To translate a PDF file in Google Docs we must do the following:

  • We entered the Google Docs website.
  • Click on Go to Google Docs to log into our Google account.
  • We enter our Drive by clicking on the three lines in the upper left.
  • Drive will open. We click on New / New and click on Upload file / File upload.
  • We look for the PDF that we want to translate. Google will convert the file to text mode and display it on the screen.
  • We click on Tools and we select Translate document. We select the language we want.
  • Ready, we already have the translated document.

Translate PDF with DocTranslator


DocTranslator is one of the most popular translation tools for users. It is a free service that allows you to translate texts without registering or installing anything. Like Google, it also translates files other than PDF (.doc, .docx, .xls, .pptx ...).

Unlike Google Translate, DocTranslator yes it keeps the original PDF format when we translate our text. To use enter this tool we will do the following:

  • We came in its website.
  • We click on Translate now and we select the file that we want to translate.
  • The file it should not be larger than 10 MB.
  • We select the language to translate the text, we wait and that's it.
  • We download our translated file.

Translate PDF with DeftPDF


In DeftPDF we find a tool very visual, as well as simple, fast and effective. This website allows us to translate PDF or Word documents instantly. To do this, we must do the following:

  • We access to your website.
  • We click on Upload Document 
  • We will get one preview of the loaded document.
  • We select the source language of the file and the target language.
  • We click on Translate.
  • Ready, we download the document.


DeepL is another good tool for translating documents into other languages, but in this case It does NOT accept PDF documents. Here we can only work with .docx or .pptx files. It allows to translate texts of any extension, free and without registration.

His method of translating documents is very simple:

  • We entered its website.
  • At the top, we click Translate documents. 
  • We select our document .docx or .ppptx to translate.
  • We select language to translate.
  • When the process is finished, the translated document will be downloaded automatically.

Translate PDF with Word

Translate a PDF with Word Office

Yes, as you read, Word Office includes a tool to translate PDF documents through Word. Of course, we must have a current version of Word.

When we open a PDF with Word, it converts it in its own format. Some PDFs do not allow it, so we must take it into account to use this tool to translate texts. In any case, we must follow the next steps to translate using Word:

  • We open the PDF in Word and go to the tab Check.
  • We click on Translate and then we press Translate Document. 
  • We choose the default language and the language that we want to translate the document.
  • Word will connect to Microsoft's own online service to translate the document. 
  • We download the file and save it.

The danger of translating PDF on third-party websites

It is very important to be clear that when we use third-party websites such as DocTranslator or DeftPDF, we are providing information about what we are uploading. So if we want to translate sensitive or confidential documents, such as contract signatures or company documents, We must not use third party websites and servers.

Therefore, our recommendation is that you use translators such as Google Translate or Word OfficeBecause yes, it is from third parties and they can obtain information from what you attach, but you have a much lower risk than using other web pages.

As you can see, you have several tools to translate PDF files into other languages, free, online and without registration. Our recommendation is that you use Google options when it comes to sensitive documents. Otherwise, DocTranslator is a great option.

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