How to get free V Bucks on Nintendo Switch

v bucks free nintendo switch

If you are a Fortnite player on the Nintendo platform, you would like to know how to get Free V Bucks for Nintendo Switch, truth?. You may have bought a Nintendo Switch for nothing because you are a Fortnite fan and you want to be able to play it anywhere and at any time, it is not a bad decision. Now you have to learn how to get the virtual currency of the most famous game in the battle royale genre. And that is what we are going to try to do in this article.

Even if you are new to battle royale, once you have fumbled through the interface you will realize that V-Bucks exist. Now you may be wondering what are they for and especially if there is any way to get them for free on Nintendo Switch because you have seen that they have a price. If you do not know how to get them and what they are for, it will be great to read this entire article. Whether you are new or a veteran, you will find little tricks that you probably did not know before. So don't lose your site in the post.

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We warn you that you are only going to have to follow a few instructions or steps and be careful because around this currency there is some other scam but we will help you identify it because we will only use official and proven methods. Therefore, we are going there with the guide to get free V Bucks on Nintendo Switch.

How to get free V Bucks on Nintendo Switch?

The truth is that we are going to tell you, do not worry, but the best thing is that first you understand what can be done and what are the V Bucks of Fortnite. Once you know how the virtual currency of the battle royale works, we can go on to try to get it for free.

As a quick summary, the V Bucks currency is used to buy mainly in-game skins, but also Fortnite emotes or dances. Although many users buy all these coins to buy the battle pass that costs exactly 950 V-Bucks and the Battle Pack which also costs the amount of 2800 V Bucks. Therefore, getting this virtual currency in Fortnite becomes quite important and to get it you will have to put money or read this article to get it for free, you decide. Your account will improve a lot if you use the V Bucks because once you have the battle pass you will level up much faster and get exclusive rewards that are only there for users of the battle pass.

Once you know what you can buy mainly with this currency and what rents you the most, we are going to move on to the guide so you can get them for free. Because tell me you don't want to know how to get free V Bucks on Nintendo Switch.

Get free V Bucks


Let's get to the point. To get the virtual currency of Fortnite, the free V Bucks on your Nintendo Switch there is a perfect way in which you can get it and also by playing. Therefore you already know something else, to get coins you have to play. The mode in question is called a battle royale and what he is going to ask you is that you face pvp against other players in the mode the last man in the game. That is, the battle royale. Once you go through levels within the mode in question, you will understand that the more you play, the more you will be able to get V Bucks for your account.

So that you get used to the idea until it does nothing you could get 100 V Bucks playing, totally free and reaching nothing but level 11. Then you can get another 100 V Bucks when you reach level 34. And so different rewards. All these rewards vary as a general rule and it may change from one season to another or from one event to another but you will be able to see everything in the battle pass.

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Because this is how it is, if you buy the battle pass you will be able to get more V Bucks, in the end It will be good for you to invest some money as soon as you enter Fortnite on Nintendo Switch. As we told you, it has a cost of 950 V Bucks and the complete package a price of 2800 V Bucks. In fact, if you buy this last package you will advance directly to level 4 and you will earn different V Bucks first.

On the contrary, if you do not invest a euro when buying the Switch and downloading Fortnite and you intend to do these things for free, what happens is that you are going to be late and you may even miss the season before you can get the entire pass battle. Therefore you will be losing different V Bucks among all rewards of gestures, skins and other typical Fortnite things.

All this is optional, that is clear. You do not have to buy anything and in fact what you can do if you are a free to play player is save those V Bucks to invest them and end up getting the free battle pass. In this way you will access all the rewards for free on Nintendo Switch.

Other ways to get V Bucks on Nintendo Switch and Fortnite

As we tell you apart from playing and playing there is not much more option if what you want is to get free V Bucks on Nintendo Switch and Fortnite. So the other option to get this coin it is simply the act of buying it. In this way you will not be a free to play player but you will advance a lot by buying a battle pass per season. In fact if you play long enough and rent you will get all the rewards of the battle pass itself. So don't worry, it's a matter of playing.

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Therefore, if you choose this option, you will have to know the prices of the V Bucks in Fortnite and that is what we are going to tell you right now:

  • 1000 V Bucks are priced at 9,99€
  • 2800 V Bucks are priced at 24,99€ 
  • 5000 V Bucks are priced at 39,99€
  • 13500 V Bucks are priced at 99,99€
  • The red attack pack that is disguise + 600 V Bucks is priced at 4,99€

Finally, it only remains to tell you that if you make purchases, always do it in the Epic Games and Fortnite official store. It is known that there is a lot of pirate sale of this currency due to the number of players that the video game has, but they are not reliable at all.

We hope this article has been helpful and that you already know how to get free V Bucks on Nintendo Switch and Fortnite. See you in the next post on the Mobile Forum.

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