What is Viggle and what is this Artificial Intelligence tool for?

viggle ai

You've probably seen animated avatars dancing in funny ways on social media. These avatars are created by artificial intelligence thanks to tools like Viggle. Let's see. What is it for and how to use Viggle, the tool that has become viral thanks to social networks like TikTok.

3D animation has never been so easy

Create your own AI designs with Viggle ai

Viggle is a 3D editing tool which uses artificial intelligence and facilitates the creative process of anyone who wants to enter the world of 3D design or who simply wants to animate a character for a laugh. This tool is now available for those who want to try it both from your own website as from your Discord channel.

This tool, which is already one of the best tools to animate photos, basically manages to combine the power of artificial intelligence with easily accessible tools for creating animations and visual effects that can reach surprise with its quality. It does all this having simplified the process so much that you only need a photograph and a text.

Use the JST-1 language engine,the first 3D video base model with a real understanding of physics that is also capable of making any character move as you want simply with a few lines of text. But, What can you do with Viggle?

What can you do with Viggle?

Viggle make your photos dance

Basically you can animate human shapes however you want and with the design you need. But this is only the beginning since with a model that understands physics and adapts them quickly and quite accurately, soon we will surely see how this tool manages to expand its capabilities. Maybe we can create moving scenes entirely.

But that is the logical evolution that this tool can have, but for now it is somewhat simpler. Let's see how we can use this tool.


First of all we have the Mixes. These would be like multimedia collages where you can combine and edit different types of content, whether images or videos. But how do you do it? Well, it is very easy to use.

You will only need to drag and drop your multimedia files into the project, adjust them if necessary so that they are to your liking. If you want to try it you should know that it is used in Discord with the pretext «/mix».


We can also use Animate. It is similar but in this case We only need the image of our character so that when the animation is completed, we or the model we want comes out.

Now, the main difference is that it does not trace the movement of a video but rather We can give you a "prompt" to follow. In the example on his website, he manages to make his avatar dance ballet in a quite convincing way. If you want to try it, from your Discord you can put «/cheer up» followed by whatever you want.


Lastly we have Ideate, which is not yet available. This is the latest news from Viggle and it attracts a lot of attention because It makes the process of creating a 3D animation even easier. The only thing we need in this case is our imagination since both the model image and the movement are We express it through 2 different "prompts".

Simply tell it what you want and how you want it and Viggle gives it to you. This option when available will be used with the command «/ideate».

If this type of tool catches your attention and you want to try it to go viral on some social network, you have time, Viggle is still capable of surprising anyone. So now you know, share this article with all lovers of artificial intelligence and editing, you will surely surprise them.

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