WhatsApp AI Stickers: this is how this Meta novelty will work

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Have you ever had a hard time finding the ideal sticker while you're in a WhatsApp chat? It has happened to most of us users at some point. Stickers are the perfect tool to express our feelings and emotions in a simple way. Therefore, we were very happy to find out one of the new features that will soon be available in the messaging app: WhatsApp IA stickers.

That's right, Meta has prepared everything to integrate AI into the Stickers section in WhatsApp. Thanks to this feature, users will have endless options to spice up your daily conversations. Now, how will this new tool work? Who can use it now? What advantages does it offer compared to the use of conventional stickers? Let's see the answers to these questions.

WhatsApp AI Stickers: how this new tool will work

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Stickers WhatsApp IA is the future tool that the Meta app will offer to its users. For now, according to wabetainfo.com, it is a novelty that is in the testing phase in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android. This function will allow us to create stickers using generative artificial intelligence: We will only have to make a short description of the sticker we want and WhatsApp will present us with different options to choose from.

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However, who can use this tool now? Importantly, only a few beta testers can experience this feature at the moment. However, it is expected that a greater number of beta users will soon have access to it and, of course, that sooner rather than later it can be incorporated into the final version of WhatsApp. In fact, Meta has announced that this feature will be rolled out to English-speaking users during the month of October.

How to create Stickers with AI in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp AI Stickers

If you have access to WhatsApp beta version, you can now create stickers with artificial intelligence. This new tool will be available within the stickers section on WhatsApp and will be known as 'AI Stickers'. These are the steps to create WhatsApp stickers with AI:

  1. Open any WhatsApp chat, it can be individual or group.
  2. Go to the stickers section and select the 'Create' option and a new window will open.
  3. Now, in the 'Describe your sticker' field, write what you want your sticker to be like. For example, 'little dog sticking out his tongue'.
  4. Then, choose the option you prefer and save the sticker in 'Favorites' to use it whenever you want.
  5. Ready. That's how easy you can create a WhatsApp sticker with AI.

For now we also do not know if the sticker models will be realistic in style or rather stick to an animated design. In addition, it also remains to be known if at some point these stickers can be edited and if there will be a record of our searches. Be that as it may, it is a tool worth trying on our devices.

How can you try the beta version of WhatsApp to create stickers with AI?

Since the novelty of creating AI stickers is only available to some beta testers, how can you become one? To do this, search on Google Play for the WhatsApp application. Enter it and slide down to find the version for meta testers. Accept the terms and conditions and download the beta version of WhatsApp on your mobile.

If the number of beta testers is already full, you will see a WhatsApp message indicating that it is no longer possible to accept more testers. This means that you will have to wait for the new feature to be enabled for a larger number of testers or that it will finally be available for all versions of WhatsApp.

What advantages will the new WhatsApp tool have?

The possibility of creating stickers with artificial intelligence is excellent news for WhatsApp users. Of course, conventional stickers have faithfully accompanied us since they were incorporated into WhatsApp. However, with AI we will have the opportunity to design them to our liking, so we will have personalized and authentic stickers.

On the other hand, when this new tool works in all versions of WhatsApp, we will be able use the perfect sticker at the right time. We will no longer have to waste time looking for the sticker that fits perfectly with what we want to convey at that moment. We will obtain high quality results in a few seconds. So, by far, this is some of the best news we've received this year from Meta.

Other new features with AI that Meta will incorporate

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Creating stickers with the help of AI is not the only function that will be incorporated into the messaging application. Now you will have greater opportunities to edit your photos and images with AI. For example, on Instagram you can transform or co-create these photos. Changing the style and background of the photo are some of the options that you will have at your disposal thanks to this technology.

Additionally, with the 'Reshape' function you can change the appearance of your photos by indicating the style you want for them. As? Giving the AI ​​a description of the style you want. For example, you can type things like "magazine and newspaper collage, torn edges" and the photo will automatically change based on your description.

On the other hand, changing the photo background on Instagram will no longer be a problem, since You can also describe the background you want for it. To do this, she writes a message saying something like, for example, "put me surrounded by puppies." The artificial intelligence will be in charge of taking the main subject of the image and changing the background, in this case, surrounding it with puppies. Keep in mind that the app will indicate that the images were created with the help of AI, in order to avoid confusion with human-created content.

WhatsApp AI Stickers: enjoy this new feature!

Creating stickers with the help of artificial intelligence in a few seconds is now possible. Soon, we will be able to create smart stickers not only on WhatsApp, but also on the other Meta applications such as Instagram and Facebook. So, let's hope that this new feature is available to all users and let's make the most of it.

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