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AI cinema

The irruption of Artificial Intelligence As a real technology, it is a fact that, without a doubt, will change many aspects of our lives. Science fiction has found a real vein in this field, both in literature and in cinema. Proof of this is the appearance of numerous movies about technology and artificial intelligence, some of them entertaining, although others really disturbing.

It must be said that, although for most of the public, this is new, the truth is that this theme has been present in the genre over the years. It seems that some writers, screenwriters and directors have been true visionaries, anticipating events that are now a reality. Or imagining how far this new technological revolution can take us.

Technology has been present in our cinema

Since its very beginnings, cinema and technology have gone hand in hand. After all, cinema was nothing more than a technological innovation that had a great impact at the time. Over the years, they have been introduced advances that have expanded the creative possibilities of the seventh art until we reach the present day, where technology has allowed us to create films of unusual spectacularity.

And if we talk about AI and technology as a theme, not just as a medium, it can also be said that it has been present on the big screen for decades. That's why, watch movies It is another way, as good as any other, of Get closer to this world and discover its infinite possibilities.

If you are fascinated by technology and artificial intelligence you have to watch these movies

The offer of movies and series about artificial intelligence is enormous. Some of them are even considered true works of art by specialized critics. At the risk of leaving some out, here is our selection of 12 films about technology and artificial intelligence, some of which will leave you speechless:

The social network

the social network

The social network (The Social Network, 2020) explains the history of the creation of Facebook and its subsequent evolution. We travel to the year 2003, when a young Harvard University student named Mark Zuckerberg He is going through a personal crisis after being abandoned by his girlfriend Erica.

Mark starts blogging to vent. From there, the idea of ​​​​creating a website to classify college girls according to their beauty will arise. To do this, he extracts names and photographs from the Harvard server databases without permission. In this way, with the help of his friend Eduardo Saverin, a page called Facemash.

Harvard will take action on the matter and severely sanction Zuckeberg. But that is no longer important, since the first major social network that millions of people around the world will use has been born. The rest is history.

Minority Report

minority reports

This film is based on a short novel by Philip K. Dick , one of the greats of science fiction. It was directed by Steven Spielberg in 2002 and has a notable cast of actors, among which stand out Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell.

The argument Minority Report is as follows: in the year 2054, a specialized police department known as PreCrime is dedicated to arresting potential criminals with the help of three psychics called "precognitives."

The central idea of ​​the work revolves around ethical issues such as the role of liberty and free will in a world where there is exact knowledge of what is going to happen in the future. In addition to that, there is no shortage of action and suspense scenes in an atmosphere cyberpunk.



This 1997 film continues to be a benchmark in the category of films about technology. The topic discussed in Gattaca It is that of genetic engineering with its fabulous possibilities, but also with its dangers. In the cast there are names as prominent as Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman and Jude Law.

In the not too distant future, the eugenics: Human beings are created artificially and directed in genetic laboratories: genetically perfect individuals called to lead society. Those who are still born naturally are labeled "invalids" and are condemned to develop a secondary role. But one of them will rebel and try to put an end to this transhumanist dystopia.

Gattaca is a cult film that tries to warn us about the dangers of not putting ethical limits on science.


the origin

A disruptive technology capable of penetrating the dreams of human beings and discovering their most hidden secrets. This is the plot of From (Inception, 2010), directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Leonardo Dicaprio.

The latter gives life to Cobb, a specialized thief who will embark on the daring mission of implant the origin of an idea or concept in the mind of a powerful millionaire so that he can interpret it as his own. Cobb will have to face some difficulties to carry out his mission. One of them is her meeting with her deceased wife, who tries to convince him not to return to reality and stay with her forever in the world of dreams.

Blade Runner

blade runner

One of the most famous science fiction films of all time. It is also inspired by a novel by Philip K Dick, whose peculiar title is "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?". Blade Runner It was filmed in 1982 by Ridley Scott and starring Harrison Ford.

The action takes place in the "future" year 2019, in a city of Los Angeles completely disfigured by pollution. Science has allowed almost exact replicas of human beings to be produced (called replicants) to carry out hard work in the colonies that the Earth has on other planets. But these self-aware replicants have become a problem and must be "retired."

Virtually indistinguishable from a normal human being, replicants are difficult to detect and eliminate. That is the job of Rick Dekard, a veteran blade runner specialized in this type of work.



Another of the great titles of the genre. Matrix It appeared in 1999 and was the first of a trilogy that swept the box office. It is an action and science fiction film, but it contains a strong philosophical charge. After more than 20 years, we do not incur any spoiler explaining the plot: humanity is trapped in a virtual reality created by intelligent machines for their own benefit.

A hacker called Neo (interpreted by Keanu Reeves) will be the one who discovers this reality that is so difficult to accept, as well as leading the rebellion to free humans.

At the time, The Matrix amazed viewers around the world with the originality of its plot and the use of visual effects as striking as the famous Bullet Time.



Nor should we leave out of the list of films about technology Hackers, a 1995 film that features the presence of Angelina Jolie. The plot revolves around a group of hackers who participate in a plan to extort a powerful business conglomerate. Looked at closely, almost three decades after its release, its plot is quite realistic.



A very curious film, halfway between comedy and drama, where the Artificial Intelligence plays a central role. Here (2013) tells the story of Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), a lonely and taciturn man facing a divorce. His job consists of writing letters for third parties in a company. But everything changes the day it acquires a new operating system based on the AI ​​model.

Suddenly, the unexpected happens: Theodore will begin a romantic relationship with Samantha, the female voice of that operating system (in the original movie, the voice of Scarlett Johannson). The result is a very original film, which also reflects some of the social problems of today's world.

Deciphering the riddle


Biopic about the British mathematician Alan Turing, the father of computing and modern computing. If today all of us have a computer at home, it is largely because of them.

The film Deciphering the riddle (The Imitation Game, 2013) reviews one of the best-known episodes of his life: when he put his knowledge at the service of the British government in the middle of World War II. Turing helped crack the Nazis' secret machine-based codes. Enigma.

Ex Machina

ex machina

In this 2015 British film, the protagonist is Caleb, a coder for a global search engine. After winning a contest, he is invited to spend a week with the boss of the company he works for. A paradise of ultra-modern design, lost in the middle of nature. In this scenario, Caleb will meet Ava, a human-like robot equipped with artificial intelligence.

Ex machina It is a film that touches on very current issues. In addition, it has a very powerful narrative force, with many surprises and a very striking visual language.

Ralph breaks the internet

ralph breaks the internet

An animation proposal for our list of best films about technology: Ralph rompe Internet (Ralph breaks the Internet, 2018). It is the continuation of Break up Ralph! in which Ralph, the video game bad guy, and his partner Vanellope von Schweetz travel the Internet in search of a spare part to save her favorite game: Sugar Rush. Fun and with many winks to the viewer-internaut.



The last proposal on our list is Tetris (2023), a film based on the true story of Henk Rogers, an American video game commercial that "stole" Tetris from the Soviets in 1988 to turn it into a worldwide hit video game.

In reality, although technology is the underlying theme, this is a film of intrigue and action that could even be included in the category of spy cinema, more than within movies about technology. It must be remembered that the real Tetris was an invention of the Russian Alexey Pajitnov, a worker at the Dorodnitsyn Computing Center of the Soviet Academy of Sciences who devised this hobby to combat boredom during his long shifts. Very interesting.

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