13 Tricks to get the most out of Telegram web version

Telegram web version

Telegram is not only that messaging platform that many of us already know, it also has a web version that we can use to communicate from any browser. Generally, Telegram web version is a little more limited than the other versions, but this one has several tricks that we can make the most of.

Some of these tricks can also be used in desktop and mobile mode. Whether from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This versatility that Telegram offers is especially useful for those who need manage your communications from multiple devices.

Keep in mind that to be able to use Telegram web version you only need your browser, an internet connection and carry out some steps, nothing that we have not previously taught you here.

web telegram
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Telegram web has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, it stands out for its security, its personalized bots and the possibility of sending large files. In addition to those qualities, let's know some of the Tricks to get the most out of the Telegram web version:

Use a chat with yourself to save your stuff

The platform allows you to send messages to yourself and you can easily locate this in “saved messages», opening the options menu that Telegram offers you.

Telegram web saved messages

You can use this to:

  1. Store important information: To save links, phone numbers, addresses or any other type of information that you need to keep accessible from any device, not just the web.
  2. Transfer files between devices: If you need to send a file, such as an image, document, or link, from one device to another quickly, you can send it to yourself via Telegram web version.
  3. Save reminders, ideas or to-do lists: Sending messages to yourself can serve as a quick way to create reminders, store ideas, to-do lists or notes for later reference. It allows you to keep an organized record of your pending items.
Telegram in this sense does not have a limit for the space you can use in this chat, make the most of it as storage in the cloud to access from any place or device.

Send uncompressed files

Although Telegram, in all its versions, compresses images by default that are sent in conversations, you can share them in their original format with this little trick: Sending everything as a "file." By clicking on the chat options (clip icon), choose archive and search for what you want to send from your computer.

Send uncompressed files

You can send any type of files to your saved messages, and then access them from another device, as we mentioned before.

Dark mode, also in Telegram web version.

Almost all platforms are updating their interfaces to offer their users the option of choose between dark or light mode. In the Telegram web version you can do it manually: Go to the options menu and look for the button that says "dark mode." This allows you to turn it on or off, in order to change to the display you prefer.

Dark and light mode in Telegram

Importantly, Telegram web automatically activates dark mode when you log in, if you have it by default in your browser.

Edit sent messages

We can all make a mistake when sending a message, but don't worry, in Telegram web version we can easily edit it.

You just have to move the cursor to the message you want edit, then right click on it. When the drop-down menu opens, select "edit" and that's it, you can modify error when sending said message.

Edit messages in chat

Keep in mind that a small indication will appear to you and the other user that el message has been edited.

Silence notifications for a contact

You can open the profile of a contact that you have registered or with whom you communicate on Telegram, you will notice that below their profile photo there will be a button to deactivate notifications. This is only valid in the event that you have given permission to Telegram web version of receive notifications in your browser.

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Choose who can see your last connection in Telegram web version

The privacy options for Telegram are extensive, you can hide your last connection on the platform or customize it so that only the users you choose can see it.

It is as simple as opening the main menu, going to the settings option and locating the "Privacy and security" section. Then where it says: Who can see my latest? time…? Here you must decide if you want everyone to be able to see them, not give access to anyone, or only added contacts. Also You will find a section below to add some exceptions of what you have already chosen.

Hide my last connection

Use advanced search within any chat

It happens to us that sometimes we want to locate a specific conversation, a phrase or file that was sent within a sea of ​​things in the chat with another person (or with ourselves). Telegram in its web version offers a search engine within the chat itself, to not only find what we are looking for with a word, but also with a date.

When you open a chat, you will find a small magnifying glass, clicking on it will open the search engine. You can write a word and it will take you directly to where it is registered in the chat. You can also open the calendar on the side of the browser and filter by date.

Advanced Telegram web search engine

Use audio notes

Voice notes, like on any other messaging platform like WhatsApp or others, it is possible to use it with the Telegram web version. In the chat or group you are in, all you have to do is do Click on the icon similar to a microphone, located near the field where you write your messages, start talking and send. If you want to delete the voice memo, just click on the trash icon to delete the message.

Telegram, in its web version, does not yet have the function to send video notes.

Free calls on Telegram web version

We don't need to send many voice notes to someone until they respond, we can try the option voice call from computer.

You don't have to have your cell phone with you either, you can make a call using the microphone connected or integrated into your computer. You just have to open the chat with the person you want to contact and click on the phone-like icon. Automatically, you will start the call with your contact. Free calls!

Free calls

Bots are a tool that you cannot miss

If you want to get the most out of Telegram, you should know its bots and the countless functions they offer. From create stickers fun to chat with AI through an automated chat.

In order to find the bots you want to try you must locate yourself in the general search engine, this is not the same one you find in every chat, is at the top left. In it you can encourage yourself to search for people, bots or channels those you want to join.

Forward very specific messages

Do you like gossip? Well, this function may attract you a lot. It is really useful for forwarding a message that you select, since even It is accompanied by the name of the person who originally sent it. Just place the cursor over the message, right click on it and select "forward", then you can choose who to pass this selected text or file to.

Forward messages on Telegram web

A music player with everything and lists

You can transform your Telegram web into a music player, even to listen to your favorite podcast. It's quite simple, you just have to send yourself MP3 files from any other device, and then when you open your Telegram in its web version, play, pause or even skip to the next song. It has all the basic functions of a web player.

Player on the Telegram web

By sending you multiple songs or podcast episodes, Telegram will sort it in a list. Dare to exchange music with colleagues! It also works when sending these types of files to other contacts.

Avoid automatic downloads in the Telegram web version

When using Telegram on the web, you may want to limit downloads to your computer, to take care of your storage space.

To avoid excessive data downloads, you must go to the settings and locate the option: Data and storage. Here the configuration is simple and intuitive, it allows you to select the Types of files you don't want downloaded automatically or limit size.

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