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audio habits

Have you ever wondered how many hours of music you listen to per week, per month, per year? Or what are the musical genres, singers or bands to which you dedicate the most hours? There is a curious and practical tool that measures all this: Audio Clothing.

All the information that this peculiar website collects and displays is based on our experience as Spotify users. That is, all the measurements and statistical results it gives us are based on our own experiences on this streaming platform.

It must be recognized that the appearance of platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and others, we have all become, to a greater or lesser extent, compulsive devourers of musical content (some already were before). And the fact of having so many themes at our fingertips, accessible from any mobile device, is something really tempting.

The result is that, even paying for premium subscriptions, we have the exciting feeling that we are enjoying all the music we want for free. We not only listen to our favorite songs, albums and artists, but we also explore other users' playlists, discovering new music. Yes, it is certainly somewhat addictive. Well, Audio Habits is there to make a portrait of each of us: what, when and how much music we actually listen to.

How to access Audio Habits?

Of course, to start testing what Audio Habits has for us we have to Enter the page by entering our Spotify access information. Only in this way can the website have access to our user history and obtain the information it needs. The process is the following:

  • On the Audio Habits home website, you must press the green button that indicates “Sign in with” and the Spotify logo
  • We then give the website permission to access our Spotify account information.
  • Finally, you just have to wait a few seconds for the process to complete. And that's it.

Audio Habits lists

audio habits

After identifying ourselves, we access a series of lists where we are going to see the artists that we have listened to the most in certain periods of time: the last four months, the last six months, the last year, etc. You can even see a list of the musicians and performers that we have listened to the most since our Spotify subscription began.

The information that Audio Habits provides us is the perfect complement to the lists that Spotify periodically publishes. The list with the most listened to of the year that the platform publishes before Christmas time is especially popular. A good way to compare our tastes and preferences with those of other users.

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It has to be said that Audio Habits lists are merely informative. Unfortunately we can't do anything else with them: neither click on the names of groups and songs to access directly, nor save the list, nor share it on social networks, etc. It is just a kind of "photograph" in which we see our activity reflected during a certain period. A good way to know our musical tastes.

However, this information does not fall on deaf ears, as Audio Habits updates it every month to send us recommendations based on our tastes and our searches on the platform.

Spotify Wrapped

In addition to Audio Habits, the platform itself makes other interesting resources available to its users to learn about the tastes and trends that rule Spotify. Every year, just before Christmas arrives, it is published Spotify Wrapped, a personalized list for each user that includes their most listened to songs, as well as the artists, genres and podcast most listened to during the year that is about to end.

Spotify wrapped

This account is very detailed. Not only do the titles of the songs that we have listened to the most appear, but also the number of minutes we have dedicated to them throughout the year. Unlike Audio Habits, the Spotify Wrapped report Yes, it can be shared with other users through social networks and other media. Among other things, this is the information you provide us:

  • My favorite genres.
  • Audio Day (the music that has been listened to in each of the periods of the day (My mornings, My afternoons and My nights).
  • My minutes listened to.
  • My favorite songs.
  • My favorite artist's.
  • Your personality.

This list is generated automatically (we don't have to do anything), collecting data from our listening on any of the devices on which we regularly use Spotify. It must also be said that Spotify Wrapped results are only available for a certain period of time during which, yes, social networks are filled with the lists of each of the users.

Important: for the Sptify Wrapped option to appear available on our phone, we have to make sure that the application is correctly updated. The 2023 publication is scheduled for November or December of this year.

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