The best horror games on Roblox

The best Roblox horror games

Roblox is one of the proposals of most interesting and fun digital entertainment of recent years. It is a metagame platform that serves as a base for the creation of different games, and the possibility of playing them online with people from all over the world. The limit is your own imagination, which is why we can find everything from the best horror games in Roblox to sports or exploration adventures.

In this article we tell you which are some of the horror games with the most players on Roblox. Adventures that are part of the main entertainment forums, with doubts, questions and advice from other players. If you like scares and horror adventures, in Roblox you will find some very interesting proposals. Create your own list and start playing.

Horror games in Roblox, metagames and a different community experience

Roblox combines elements of online multiplayer and social network. Users themselves shape their worlds using pieces with different sizes and shapes. In a certain sense the operation is very reminiscent of Minecraft and other similar games. But the difference is that each game we create we can share and invite other friends to play.

The Roblox platform serves only as the base. Then there are different variants. You can enjoy the best horror games on Roblox, but there are also sports, adventure, action creations and much more. It requires a little work and a lot of imagination, but the result is almost endless hours of fun. In this list you can find the most terrifying titles that the community has designed and shared.


Among the horror titles on Roblox with the most downloads, Doors is in the top positions. Thousands of players are scared and play in a state of tension while they explore the curious proposal of this game. The spirit of the adventure is very simple, but terrifying: you have to go through the doors of the different levels and find treasures or evil entities, and survive.

Doors allows you to play games in solo or multiplayer. So you can share the anguish and suspense with your friends. The different entities that can appear have very different behaviors. That adds greater variety and possibilities to the adventure. At the end of the day, the goal is still to make it to the end of the day alive.

Flee the Facility, the best horror games on Roblox

The creators of Flee the Facility have developed a challenging and terrifying adventure. Can play as the hunter or the prey, and the ultimate goal is to survive one more day. In order to open the door and escape from the facility, survivors must complete various tasks. Meanwhile, the hunter tries to catch them and put each survivor in a freezing chamber.

The adventure offered by Flee the Facility is very entertaining and challenging. The survivors need to work as a team if they want to complete the tasks in a timely manner, while the hunter has numerous resources to catch his prey.


Specter's proposal is similar to that of the PC game Phasmophobia. Your mission is explore a creative world with the Roblox platform and discover clues about different paranormal events. The clues are scattered throughout dark and very diverse places. As you explore the different corners, ghosts and other supernatural creatures will appear. You choose how to deal with them. As you progress, you can use the money collected in your investigations to improve equipment and find each ghost more easily.

The best horror games on Roblox, Insane Elevator

Behind Insane Elevator is one of the most addictive and surprising game mechanics for a horror title. The game begins when we get on an elevator that we don't know where it will take us. Each level offers a random challenge, and the player's mission is to investigate the scenarios and discover how to escape. And all this while supernatural creatures and dangers stalk us. The scenarios are full of corners, and dangers lurk in each of them.

It Lurks

For an entire season, It Lurks was at the top of Roblox's scary games. It's a single player title where an interactive story is told with scares, chilling moments and all kinds of secrets. In total It Lurks unfolds over 5 chapters, with silence as a companion in every corner. If you were afraid you might become paranoid while playing, It Lurks may be the cause.

Stop it Slender!

Inspired by the mythical internet horror figure, Slender Man, Stop it, Slender! is a horror and mystery adventure. The faceless man is the villain of this game where you have to escape at any cost. He explores different scenarios in search of tools and an escape route. Only with wit and speed can you escape before the thin, mysterious man traps you forever.

The Black Death

Inspired by ancestral rituals and terror typical of movies, in The Black Death we have a totally dark and dangerous setting. The different scenarios are full of gloomy objects, and we must thoroughly explore every corner in search of clues and mechanisms to escape alive. The puzzles and riddles are combined with visions of other victims who have not escaped. Everything in The Black Death aims to scare you and unearth horror mysteries.


The creation and online game Roblox It does not stop growing. Among its many proposals, the best Roblox horror games continue to be part of the catalog that incorporates new players every year. The creativity and level design with traps, puzzles and all kinds of horrors never cease to surprise. Video game fans have one of their great catalogs in the horror genre. Roblox invites you to explore different levels of challenge, horror and exploration.

If you like scares and adventures full of surprises, be sure to try this top. You will surely find more than one good scare as you explore the settings and seek to discover the secrets of each setting.

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