Change your photo on Facebook without anyone knowing with this simple adjustment

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Change your photo on Facebook without anyone knowing with this trick that we show you below, either from your mobile phone or computer. For many of us, Facebook was the first social network in which we ventured back in our childhood or adolescence. If you haven't changed your profile photo since then, it may be time to do so. AND If you don't want your friends or family to notice this change, you can make a couple of adjustments to your privacy Not to raise suspicion.

As you probably already know, every time you make a comment, upload a video or change something on your profile, Facebook generates a post so all your friends know. Therefore, if you have decided to change your profile photo, all your friends will find out when they see the notification. But do not worry! There is a way to update your photo on Facebook without others knowing, and in this entry we explain everything about it.

Change your photo on Facebook without anyone knowing with this simple adjustment

If you want to avoid a barrage of comments (and even criticism) by updating your profile on Facebook, change your photo without anyone knowing with this simple trick. First of all, we will see how to do it from your mobile, which is recommended as it is the easiest. Later we will show that it is also possible from the computer, although the process is a little more complicated.

From the mobile app

Change Facebook photo without anyone knowing

The easiest way to change your Facebook profile photo without giving notice is through the mobile app. Just when we're going to make the change, The application allows you to choose whether you want to generate a notification so that others find out or not. The steps are few and are shown below:

  1. Click on your profile image.
  2. Now select the option Edit profile.
  3. Then, you will see three sections to edit: Profile Photo, Avatar and Cover Photo. Click on the option Edit from the section Profile photo.
  4. Select the new photo you want to display on your profile.
  5. Once selected, you will see the new photo in the profile circle and, below it, a box that says Share new photo in the news section. Uncheck the box and ready.

Keep in mind that the 'Share new photo in news feed' box is checked by default. If you don't uncheck it, Facebook will generate a public comment saying that you changed your profile photo. Therefore, Be sure to uncheck this box to prevent your friends and contacts from being notified.

What if you changed your profile photo without turning off the notification and Facebook already generated a post about it? That's okay, but if you want to prevent more contacts from seeing the post, you have to act quickly. And what can you do? Hide the post that Facebook has created on your profile with the following trick and problem solved:

  1. Browse your Facebook profile until you find the post that says 'Updated your profile picture'.
  2. Once found, click on the three horizontal dot menu located to the right of the publication.
  3. Now choose the option Edit privacy.
  4. Click on the option that says Read more.
  5. Finally, select the option that says Just.

The faster you do these steps, the fewer people will be able to see the post. and notice that you have changed your profile photo. Also remember that Facebook does not save these privacy preferences, so you will have to take these steps every time you change your profile photo without checking the 'Share new photo in News Feed' box.

From the computer

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If you are one of those who prefers to open your Facebook From your computer, you can also change your profile photo without raising suspicions. As we have already said, the procedure is a little more complicated, but just as effective. We could say that it is a combination of the two procedures described in the previous subtopic. We explain it to you a little before listing the steps.

What happens is that, on the desktop version of Facebook, the 'Share new photo in News Feed' box does not appear when changing the photo. So what you have to do to go unnoticed is post the photo, then find the generated comment and adjust the visibility. You will see it in more detail in the following procedure:

  1. Access your P from the computer.
  2. Click on the photo camera icon which is in the lower right corner of your profile photo.
  3. Choose the new profile picture what you want to show on Facebook and click Save.
  4. Now it's time to exit the settings and look for the notification that Facebook has created notifying you of the change in your photo.
  5. Once you have located the publication, click on the three horizontal points to open the settings menu.
  6.  In the drop down menu, choose the option Edit recipients.
  7. Finally, select the option Just so that no one can see the post except you.

As you can see, the procedure from the computer is longer, but it works perfectly to update your profile photo without others finding out. It is best to immediately search for the post generated by Facebook and adjust the visibility as soon as possible. Thus, the time frame will be the minimum possible for those who are online to see the publication.

Why would someone want to change their profile picture on Facebook without anyone knowing?

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Finally, let's talk about why someone would want to change their profile picture on Facebook without anyone knowing. The reasons can be many and diverse, such as want to surprise your contacts with a radical or unexpected makeover. or just want try different photo options before deciding which one is most suitable to show to friends and family.

On the other hand, the reasons may be more personal, such as avoid negative comments or criticism about your appearance or look. In any case, we have shown you that changing your photo on Facebook without anyone knowing is possible. We hope that these ideas are useful to you and that you manage to change your photo on the social network without leaving a trace.

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