Best Creative PowerPoint Templates

Creative PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint is a program that is used in many environments, from business to education. When making a presentation we seek to have a series of templates that are helpful in it, which help us to improve the message to be transmitted. That is why many people looking for creative PowerPoint templates. Original and different designs that help us make better presentations.

Then we leave you with Best Creative PowerPoint Templates, so that you will be able to create visually very interesting presentations thanks to them. There are many designs available in the market, so you can always find a template that fits what you are looking for.

These templates that we leave you below are free at all times, so that you will not have to pay money to download them on your PC and be able to work with them in your presentation. The selection of templates in these categories is wide, but there are some that stand out above the rest in this regard.

Blue Watercolor Template

Blue watercolor PowerPoint template

If you are looking for creative PowerPoint templates, it is always useful to resort to designs inspired by art. This is the case in this first template on the list, where blue watercolor plays a leading role throughout the slides of this presentation. It is a bold and striking design, but one that will help you keep everyone's attention throughout this presentation, because it changes between slides. This is something that makes it very interesting and dynamic.

In addition, it is about a presentation that can work for all types of users. It can be used in presentations in education, in companies, but it is ideal for creative people. In it we find a total of 28 slides that we will be able to edit and customize at all times. This is how we will be able to create that perfect presentation for us, which is what we are looking for in this regard.

This blue watercolor template can be downloaded for free, available at this link. If you were looking for a striking design that is inspired by art and that will keep people's interest at all times, then it is undoubtedly a good option to consider.

Template with light bulbs

Bulbs template

Light bulbs are something that is associated in many cases with creativity. Having a good or revolutionary idea is something that can be represented with drawings or photos of light bulbs, we even have phrases for it. Saying that someone's light bulb lit up is a way of saying that they had a good idea. This is a theme that we can use in a presentation, with many creative PowerPoint templates based on this theme. We leave you with one that you will surely like.

This presentation has a design with the presence of bulbs along it. It is a good option for those who are presenting a new concept or idea in a project. In addition, its design is creative, but also maintains a certain formality. Therefore, it can be used in many situations, both in business and education. It is a very versatile option to consider in this regard.

This PowerPoint template is available for free, available at this link. If you were interested in a design with light bulbs to show that you are going to present a novel or groundbreaking idea in this presentation, this template is surely a great option for you. In addition, it does not matter if you work in a company or you are going to give this presentation in class, it will work in both cases perfectly.

Template with dynamic curves

Dynamic curves PowerPoint template

As we said at the beginning, many designs in these creative PowerPoint templates are inspired by art. An interesting design, which has a clear artistic element is this template with dynamic curves. It is a design that has a lot of movement and that remains interesting throughout all the slides, so it is a good way to keep the people who attend that presentation interested and attentive at all times.

We find 25 slides in it, which we will be able to customize to our liking. We can add graphics, change the font or font size or add icons or photos to them. This will allow us to create the most complete presentation possible, keeping that striking design of the slides as a good and interesting background in them. In addition, these slides are compatible with both PowerPoint and Google Slides, so you can use the software that is most comfortable for you at all times.

As you can see, presents itself as a modern design, daring and with a clear inspiration in art. So it perfectly meets that quest for creative PowerPoint templates. This template can be download for free at this link. A great option for those looking for a design with color, but who will be able to use it in many situations. This design has great versatility, which is important to consider.

Template with multicolored cut paper

Multicolored paper cut template

Art-inspired designs with lots of color are very common in creative PowerPoint templates. This is also the case in this template that has a multi-colored paper cut design. It is a presentation with color and movement, thanks to the various forms it presents. This is something that helps us to visually find ourselves in front of a series of very interesting slides, which will maintain a good dynamism throughout the presentation.

We find a total of 25 customizable slides. We can change many aspects in it, such as the colors or the font. In addition, it is possible for us to add photos, icons or graphics. It is even possible to change their format, so that we have a presentation that fits what we need. Being able to customize all these fields helps it to be used in a business environment, but also in creative environments or in education.

The template with this multicolored cut paper design can be downloaded for free, available at this link. It is a very attractive design, which will contribute to that creative message that you want to convey in your presentation. As in the previous case, this template is compatible with both PowerPoint and Google Slides. You can use and customize it to your liking in both programs on your PC.

Stencil with color strokes

Color strokes template

We continue with creative PowerPoint templates with elements of art. This template leaves us with brushes of color, which add an element of interest to each of the slides, as well as being a very simple way to add color to each of them. Best of all, the color can be changed, so that each user can adapt this template to their liking. In this way, it will be possible for you to create the presentation that generates the greatest impact thanks to your use of color.

This template is compatible with Google Slides (Google presentations available on Google Drive) and with PowerPoint. You can edit it in both programs without any problem. In addition, all its slides are customizable, so that you can add elements such as photos, icons or graphics, as well as change the colors or the font on them. There are 25 different slide designs or types present in this template.

Like the rest of the creative PowerPoint templates in this listing, this template with colored strokes can be downloaded for free on our PC, available at this link. Another good art-inspired template, giving us plenty of customization options. Thanks to this, anyone will be able to use it in their environment and thus create a presentation that is visually very interesting.

Template with technology connections

Connections template

The latest of these creative PowerPoint templates is one that is inspired by technology, thanks to its design with connections. It is a design that can be of great interest when we have to make a presentation on topics such as the Internet, space, blockchain or technology in general. In addition, it uses several colors, so it maintains an interesting and attractive design at all times for those who attend this presentation.

There are a total of 25 different slides or layouts customizable in this presentation. Like previous templates, it is compatible with both PowerPoint and Google Slides, so that we are going to use the program that is most comfortable for us when editing it and thus create the right presentation for us. You can change the colors in all of them, as well as add graphics, photos, icons or customize the font you want to use.

This template with this technology inspired design can be downloaded for free to your PC, available at this link. A good template if you have a presentation with topics related to technology or if it is simply a design that is more interesting to you. You will be able to customize it to your liking to create the perfect slides for your presentation.

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