Disable ads on Netflix

How to turn off ads on Netflix

Advertising is necessary for the operation of numerous entertainment services and the most varied apps. However, those who pay a subscription are not very tolerant of ads, and Netflix is ​​one of the streaming platforms that has tried to incorporate ads. Even when customers pay to watch the content, there are some Netflix advertisements that arrive in the form of trailers and advertisements. If you want to disable ads on Netflix, follow the instructions in this article.

Imagine that you are watching an episode of your favorite series and suddenly an advertisement for another one appears. Netflix series. This mechanism is normally used to promote self-produced series and films, as a way to publicize the firm's initiatives. But there are thousands of complaints from users who say “we are paying for a subscription, we don't want advertising.”

Disable ads on Netflix and the idea of ​​paid apps

While ads are much more accepted by users who do not pay for an app, subscribers raised their voices against Netflix's invasive promotional initiatives. The test method of ads on Netflix It began to appear gradually in 2018, but as time went by it gained ground. Although at times the presence of these advertisements was reduced, in recent times it has regained strength.

Behind the decision to do ads There is the reduction in income that the platform has been experiencing for some years. But luckily, the trial mode of ads can be removed. At least for now. Perhaps in the future Netflix developers will decide that advertisements and trailers are necessary to continue working on the platform.

If you want to disable ads on Netflix, follow these steps and you will be able to watch your favorite episodes one after the other, without interruptions:

  • Access Netflix from a web browser. (It doesn't work to do it from the app).
  • Tap on your profile photo in the upper left corner.
  • Open the Account – Settings section.
  • Click on the Participation in tests button and uncheck the box that says Include me in tests.

In this way, and until Netflix decides to incorporate advertising as a general measure, you can avoid trailers. On the other hand, recent changes in the rates and operation of the streaming system make the idea of ​​incorporating more frequent advertising somewhat unlikely.

Plans with ads

Netflix seeks to adapt to the times, the decrease in the number of users and the possibility of offering the service at low cost. That is why some countries already have so-called plans with ads included. Since December 2022, the subscription modality with ads has had greater growth among users. These are accounts with a reduced price that incorporate, between one chapter and another, advertising for different programs.

According to the reports that Netflix was presenting, it appears that the acceptance of the plans with ads was rather regular. The new business model began to be tested in the United States with regular results. 9% of new registrations belong to this modality, while the rest of the advertising plans come from users who lowered the cost of the plan. This means that users do not want to pay the full price for Netflix and prefer to turn to advertising-supported plans to save.

It is clearly a sign regarding the business model that is being carried out by the company behind the streaming service that was once the most popular. Today the competition is very fierce, with HBO Max, Paramount and Amazon Prime as some of the strongest contenders.

What is an advertising plan for?

Ad-supported subscriptions are part of a program called ad-supported basic.” The name is quite direct and perfectly explains what this subscription type offers. For 5,49 euros per month you can watch Netflix content with ads before or during the screening of movies or series.

According to Netflix, it is estimated that For every hour of playback there are four minutes of commercials.. This mode also has other limitations, since it does not allow you to download videos, the maximum quality is 720p and there are license restrictions. This means that some series and movies will not be available in certain countries.

To date, the countries where these special subscriptions with ads have been enabled are:

  • United Kingdom.
  • Spain.
  • Italy.
  • Japan.
  • Mexico.
  • France.
  • U.S.
  • South Korea.
  • Brazil.
  • Australia.
  • for immigration to Canada.


Deactivate the mode ads If your country is still in trial mode, it allows you to skip the notices. But in the future, Netflix's proposal may directly include them unless you want to pay a more expensive subscription to guarantee uninterrupted streaming service.

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