Discord vs Slack: which is better for each situation?

Discord vs. Slack

Messaging or communication applications are very common, with a large selection of apps on the market. Although there are some apps in this field that are intended for a specific type of user or function. Two clear examples in this sense are Slack or Discord, names known to users around the world. We will talk about these two apps below.

It is a comparison a Discord vs Slack if you want, although we talk more about in which cases it is better to use each of them. Since although both are messaging apps, each one has a specific use today. So we tell you more about the two, their origin and the use they currently have in the market.

Both Slack and Discord are apps that allow users to stay in touch, with chat messages or even calls and video calls. Therefore, in many cases they share functions, although each one focuses on a different market niche, something that surely many of you already know. It is therefore good to know in which situation or in which case each one is used or in which cases it is better to use each of them.

Discord servers
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Discord vs Slack: app information

Before making any comparison between the two, it is good to know more about the origin of these apps, when they were launched on the market or for what purpose they came to the market, since this is something that has also been changing over time. So we already know much more about these two messaging applications.



Discord is an app created by Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy. The app was developed in the company that both managed under the name of Hammer & Chisel. The tool was created for the purpose of sharing tactics while playing, for quick communication in this way. Discord was officially launched in 2015 and from the beginning it was well received by users.

Discord currently exceeds 140 million users, so it is an app with a lot of presence. In addition, more than 19 million servers are used for communication between users today. The application is owned by Discord Inc., which is the one who has its rights. This app continues to grow in the market, in fact, it is expected that this year its number of users will continue to increase and new functions are also expected in it.



Slack was born as an application for a team of developers, which initially had the name Glitch. Thanks to its good functionality, it was launched in 2013 in an open way, so that more users could make use of it. Salesforce is the company that owns Slack today, after having bought it for an amount of around 21.500 million dollars. So this is a huge investment on your part.

Slack currently has more than 12 million active users. This is a lower figure than an app like Discord, but keep in mind that Slack is an app that is used in professional environments. In other words, this is an app that is used in companies, so that workers and members of work groups can be in contact at all times. Since there are functions that help internal communication in the company.

Slack has several versions, one free and several paid plans. In fact, many of the users are paid, since it is used in companies, which pay to have access to some additional functions for it, which help to improve communication within the company and thus better project development.

Similarities between the two apps

Both Discord and Slack are messaging apps. Both applications are also based on channels, since they are designed so that users can create teams, groups or communities within them. If used in a company, Slack allows for example the creation of teams based on the department within the company in which they work or create work groups, if they are currently developing a project. The two applications allow the sending of messages, both in chats and direct messages, as well as creating chat rooms or creating private groups.

Another aspect in which they are similar is that both apps have free plans, as well as some payment plans. In the payment plans, a series of additional functions are incorporated, which allow a more complete or efficient use of them. Especially in the case of Slack, this is the case, since these payment plans are aimed at companies that want to have more communication tools available for their employees. Users who want to can create a personal account in either of the two apps, to be part of teams in it, but also use it as a way to communicate with friends, for example. Although this is not a very widespread use.

The functions are very similar in both cases, In addition to the existence of various plans. As we have said, we have different plans available in both. Discord and Slack are free apps, but we have payment plans, which will give us access to a series of additional functions. Although payment plans are something that in many cases is intended for those users who are going to make more intensive use of the two, or companies in the case of Slack. As an individual user you can use both without having to pay money, although with certain limitations in their functions.

What is each app used for?

Slack for Android

As we have mentioned before, each of these applications has a very clear use today. Although on paper they can be seen as rivals, since they give us many identical functions and at the interface level, both are easy to use, in addition to having those payment plans in both. But the truth is Slack and Discord are apps that are intended for various types of users or purposes, so they are not really rivals, at least for now.

As you already know, Discord is an app for the gaming world, so that users can communicate live when they are playing online. In the app you can send messages in chats, both individual and group, but there are also calls or video calls. Thanks to it you will be able to communicate when you play, being able to share tips or tricks, or simply for an informal chat with your friends, for example. It is the quintessential app for communication when playing.

In the case of Slack, as we have already mentioned on a couple of occasions, we are faced with a communication app for companies. The application allows us to create work groups based on the department of the company in which they work. It allows easy communication between workers or members of said groups. It is possible to send chat messages (in personal or group chats), as well as make individual and group calls or video calls. In addition, it also allows us to send files, which makes group work easier. It also supports integration with more than 2.000 different apps, making it a tool that allows efficient work in the company or on specific projects.

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Which is better

Discord music bots

This is a question from many users in this Discord vs Slack. The reality is that since each one has a different purpose, it cannot be said that one is better than another. Discord is the best application when it comes to communicating when we are playing. It has an interface that is easy to use, it allows us to send chat messages, call or make video calls. In addition, we have a good selection of bots that allow us to get much more out of the application on our devices at all times.

While Slack is a better app for workers in a company they will communicate. The app has been clearly designed for good communication between the teams in the company, which makes it easier to carry out projects. Both sending messages, calling or making video calls and being able to send files, create calendars and reminders or its integration with so many applications that allow us to customize its use are elements that make it a very outstanding app in this field. So it has a different purpose in this regard.

If you want a tool to communicate with friends when you are playing online, then you should definitely use Discord. It is the most complete app, in addition to being the most used, so you will find more people who use it today. For those who are looking for a communication tool for their company or workgroup, then Slack is the app to use. Since it has all the functions that allow you to develop projects in a simple way, in addition to giving many options in this regard.

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