How to add audio from movies or series to your Instagram reels?

Add audio from movies and series to Instagram reels

Add audio from movies or series to your Instagram reels

One of Instagram's newest updates gives users the opportunity to further customize their reels. Among the new tools available, there is one that allows you to add audio from movies or series to your Instagram reels. This option has been called Hub Clip y It is perfect for those who want to give a different touch to the content that upload to Instagram reels.

That's right, now users can add audio clips from movies and series to your reels from Instagram. In addition, they now also have other editing tools such as zooming, cropping, rotating individual clips and redoing or undoing any changes they want. Let's see how you can get the most out of all these new features.

How to add audio from movies or series to your Instagram reels?

Clip hup Instagram

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To add audio from movies or series to your Instagram reels you don't have to complicate your life much. Just follow a few steps and choose the clip that best suits your account and profile. Instagram. This will make you can interact better with your followers and, why not, also encourage them to try this new tool for the reels.

Buthow to add audio from movies or series to your Instagram reels? To achieve this, do the following:

  1. Enter the Instagram app.
  2. Tap the + button.
  3. Scroll to the Reel tool.
  4. Now, tap on Clip Center or Clip hub.
  5. Click on the Television and cinema entry.
  6. Choose the audio clip you want.
  7. Tap Add – Next – Share.
  8. Done.

In this way you will have added an audio clip from movies or series to an Instagram reel. Since this is a new feature, At the moment there is not a large arsenal of options to choose from in the Instagram clip center. All in all, we hope that as time goes on, we will have more audio clips to use.

Who can use this new tool?

Although this is one of its most recent updates, most Instagram users should already have this new tool. In fact, if your mobile already has this function, you will be able to see it immediately after entering the Reels option. Just below the legend New reel, there is a small box that has the word GIF inside, below that box you will find the Clip Center.

Now, what happens if no matter how hard you try, you can't find this tool? In that case, you will have to take a walk through your application store, whether it is the App Store or the Play Store. Once there, make sure the Instagram app has the most recent update, surely that solves your problem. And if it's not that way? Then you have to wait patiently for the new feature to be available for your device.

Adding audio from movies or series to your Instagram reels is not the only novelty

Other tools for Instagram reels

Image Credit: Instagram

Content creators now have many more options for their Instagram reels. This gives them the opportunity to improve interaction with their audience and give a touch of color to their reels. What else can they do now? Below we leave you some of the new tools for Instagram reels.

Editing tools

As reported by the company in a Press release, now users will be able to save time when editing their videos thanks to the new Undo and Redo feature. No problem if you change your mind, now you can make the changes you want much faster. On the other hand, the ability to scale, rotate and trim individual clips is also being tested. Plus, now you will have the tool Voice-over to add your own voice to the reels.

More stickers for Instagram reels

Stickers are also a very practical tool used on Instagram to express emotions and feelings. That's why, now you can add sticker to your reels and thus generate greater interaction with your followers. To use them, you will only have to choose the Add stickers option when editing your reel and that's it. You can paste them anywhere you want regardless of whether it is a video, a photo or a series of photos.

On the other hand also The possibility of creating custom Stickers is being tested with the help of artificial intelligence. Users will be able to make their own stickers with their videos or photos and add them to their reels. When this option is available, we can see the button Create when choosing a sticker for the reel.

10 new English text voices and 6 new fonts

Some countries, especially English-speaking ones, will have another very useful tool: 10 new English text voices to select from. In this way, users will have greater freedom when choosing the one that best suits their style. Plus, now you can get creative with six new fonts and text styles. This way, your reel will stand out from all the others.

Improved view statistics

What if you want to know how many people are viewing or have viewed your Instagram reels? One of Instagram's upcoming updates will open the door for content creators to know how many users are watching your video from moment to moment. This will be possible thanks to a new tool: an interactive retention chart. We are sure that it will be very useful for all Instagram users, regardless of whether we use it as a source of income or for entertainment.

Add audio from movies or series to your Instagram reels: take advantage of the new functions

Instagram Reels

As we have seen so far, Instagram does not stop updating itself with the aim of improve the user experience for everyone. Now, not only will you be able to add audio from movies or series to your Instagram reels, you now also have options at your disposal such as adding your own voice to the reels so that your content is more personalized and relatable.

On the other hand, soon we will have the opportunity to create and add custom Stickers, made with our photos and videos. As well as, we will be able to have greater control of the views that our reels have. Therefore, keep your Instagram app updated so that, as soon as possible, you can take advantage of these new tools.

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