How to download Messenger audios quickly and easily?

How to download Messenger audios quickly and successfully

How to download Messenger audios quickly and successfully

if you are a regular user of the social network FacebookWell, surely you have also used your official Chat platform called Messenger. Either internally within Facebook itself or through its own and independent website. And in both cases, you've undoubtedly chatted and shared with others using text, emoji, stickers, avatars, videos, music, and audio voice messages.

But, have you ever wanted to download the voice audios that have been sent to you and you have not been able to? Well, this is because natively, both through the web application and the mobile app, there is no official way to achieve it. However, as in everything that has to do with technology and computing, there are always alternative ways to achieve many things, among them, the know “how to download audio from Messenger” quickly and successfully.


And if now you are wondering why it would be useful to know how to download the voice audios of some Facebook Messenger chatWell, the reason is really obvious. Since, being Messenger the official and native Facebook chat application This has become one of the most used instant messaging platforms globally.

Therefore, many use it daily to keep in touch with many of your family, friends, co-workers and students, and even strangers for various reasons, such as business or just fun. And since it is often easier, more comfortable and faster to send voice messages than to write, to communicate something extensive and important, this makes the know “how to download audio from Messenger”. In this way, save, listen and share them outside the application.

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How to download Messenger audios quickly and successfully

How to download Messenger audios quickly and successfully

How to download Messenger audio from the mobile version of Facebook

If you have come this far, the first solution that we are going to recommend to you to download Facebook Messenger voice audios is already evident. And the best thing about this solution is that you can use it from the Desktop of your computer or mobile. Since, you just need to open your preferred web browser, go to the Facebook mobile version clicking the next link corresponding to the URL (, to then start the user session, and go to the chat messages section from Facebook Messenger.

Once there, both from the web browser of your computer and your mobile device, you can download the audio locally to it with just press or right-click on the voice audio on the screen and select the option Save audio as…, to later assign a name to the file in MP4 format that will be downloaded.

As seen in the following images:

Screenshot 1 - How to download audio from Messenger

Screenshot 2 - How to download audio from Messenger

Using Web Browser Plugins to Download Files

However, if you wish to use a different form or alternate method that does not involve logging into the mobile version of Facebook and Facebook Messenger, the most practical and efficient is to use any of the many existing add-ons (extensions / plugins) of web browsers focused on downloading multimedia files from any website.

Video Download Helper

For our case today, we will recommend the plugin called Video Download Helper, which is available for browsers based on Firefox and Chromium (Chrome). And it works great on Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux. In addition to video files, it allows us to download Facebook Messenger audio in WAV format and then convert it to MP3 format.

And its use is very simple, since, once the complement is installed on Firefox, Chrome o Edge, both from Windows, and macOS or GNU/Linux (the latter OS additionally requires the installation of the software Video DownloadHelper Companion App), we simply need to go to the traditional or normal Facebook Messenger and do the following steps:

Step 1:

Turn on our computer, start Facebook Messenger and search for an audio message within a chat that we need or want to download to test. In this particular case, we will do it from a free and open Operating System based on GNU/Linux called Miracles to test that the conversion of audios in MP4, WAV and OGG format can be done successfully with the aforementioned application installed: Video Download Helper Companion app.

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Step 2:

Once the voice audio that we want to download is located, we must right click on it and in the contextual menu displayed we must position ourselves on the Video DownloadHelper option to show all the new options available. Among which we can choose one of several regarding the type of audio file that we want to obtain, that is, MP4, WAV or OGG.

Screenshot 5

Step 3:

And since, there is no possibility to download the same directly as an MP3 file, this can be achieved by clicking below on the option Convert local (downloaded) files, to select the desired one and thus convert it to MP3 format, as shown below:

Screenshot 6

Screenshot 7

Screenshot 8

Screenshot 9

Screenshot 10

Facebook Messenger
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Facebook Messenger

In short, now that you know “how to download audio from Messenger” to save them, listen to them and share them with third parties outside the application and in different audio formats, we wish you success in carrying out this beautiful task of trying yourself and enjoying said achievement.

And in case you want to learn more about Facebook and Facebook Messenger, we leave you below the link to our section dedicated to Facebook so that little by little you can explore it and read our great, modern and timely quick guides, complete tutorials and relevant news on both platforms.

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