How to Put a Background Image in PowerPoint

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How important it is to know how to choose the images in a PowerPoint presentation! And when we talk about images, we must not forget the background ones. The right visual impact can make or break a presentation or event. Today we are going to see how to put a background image in powerpoint and get the effect we are looking for.

If you have already used this program, you will know very well that PowerPoint offers us a very original, didactic and attractive way to expose different ideas. With it you can create professional presentations that can incorporate sounds, videos and images.

It is also very striking to see how, more than thirty years after its creation, PowerPoint is still a current and widely used program throughout the world. It is true that, from its birth until today, up to fourteen updates have appeared that have been adding new improvements and functionalities.

There are many actions that can be carried out with PowerPoint: insert text, images and graphics, design and make transitions and animations, create slide shows and much more.

What we are going to explain here is useful for using any image as a background for one or more slides in our presentations. Power point. The instructions are valid for PowerPoint 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and PowerPoint for Microsoft 365.

How to add and format a background image

powerpoint background image

How to Put a Background Image in PowerPoint

Let's get practical. To add an image as a background image for a PowerPoint slide, follow these steps:

    1. First, we open our PowerPoint presentation and go to the slide where we want to add a background image. In case we want to put the same image on all the slides, we can add it to any of them.
    2. Then select the tab "Design" and, within it, we choose the option Format background. Another way to do this is to right-click on the slide and select "Background format".
    3. The next step is to select "Filling" with image or texture.
    4. Then you have to select "Archive" to insert an image from our computer. Here we have different options to choose from:
      • Clipboard, to insert a previously copied image.
      • Online, to search for an image on the Internet.
      • Clipart in PowerPoint and choose one of those proposed by the program itself.
    5. Once you have chosen the desired image, you have to set the transparency level of the image with the slider "Transparency".
    6. Finally, we choose between these three options depending on the action we want to perform:
      • "To close", to apply the image to the selected slide.
      • "Apply to all" to make the chosen image the background of all the slides.
      • "Reset background" to delete the photo and start the whole process again.

Choose the right image

Before letting ourselves be seduced by an image that we liked for our presentation, we should know a few things and take certain aspects into account. For example, know that by default the image that we choose for the background of our slide will be stretched to fit the dimensions of it. To avoid distortions, it is best to choose an image in horizontal format and with high resolution.

A high resolution image will always look sharp and clear, while a low resolution image will appear blurry when we enlarge and stretch it to fit on the slide. And a distorted image is not the best business card for our creations.

If we do not want to fail in this matter, it is enough to keep in mind some basic rules:

  • I bet you quality images and with the correct proportions. This will increase the effectiveness of the presentation and give viewers a professional impression.
  • It is recommended to choose backgrounds with light images and letters with dark colors. In this way, a greater harmony between the elements on the slide is generated and the ideas will be transmitted more effectively.

How to change the background color of a slide

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How to Change the Background Color of a Slide in PowerPoint

There is another option that can also be used to customize our PowerPoint presentation. The idea is simply change the background color of a slide instead of resorting to images. Here we explain how to do it in three simple steps:

  1. First you have to click on the top menu in the tab "Design" and within it choose the option «Format the Background».
  2. Then a menu will open on the right. In it we search and select the option «Solid Fill».
  3. In the color palette shown to us, you only have to pick a color for it to be applied automatically. If what we want to do is apply the color to all the slides, we must use the «Apply to All”.

A tip: it is always better to use the theme colors that are included in the template. By doing this we will maintain visual harmony.

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