How to sell photos of my feet through apps or websites

How to sell photos of my feet through apps or websites

Many people wonder how to sell photos of my feet through apps or websites. This question is recurring when we want some financial independence through work through the web and we do not have the required experience or do not know what the first step will be.

Selling erotic or even fetish-related content, has been very well received on the internet, being a consistent form of income in many cases. In this article I will show you how to sell photos of my feet on the web, without major complications and generate some additional income.

Requirements to sell photos of my feet

How to sell photos of my feet

Before you start, you need to be aware that this type of content can have different uses, so you must understand the responsibility that is required. On the other hand, depending on the platform you decide to use, it is also necessary to meet certain basic requirements.

Each platform and depending on local laws, require a minimum age to offer this "service". In any case, it is necessary to be of legal age.

Another element that we could overlook as we are new to this world, is the accounts where we will receive the payment. Keep in mind that some platforms receive payments and later refund their models. For this, it is necessary to have bank accounts or international platforms, such as PayPal o Binancee, which will help us convert the profits into local money.

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How much can you earn by selling photos of your feet


This can be one of the most difficult questions to answer, the answer in general is based on the platform you use, how highly valued we are or even the quality of the material.

Despite the complexity of the subject, I can offer you some basic amounts. The price of foot photos can vary between 5 to 1000 USD. This will depend on many variables. The average sale per piece on platforms such as Feet Finder is about 20 euros and approximately 22 videos.

There are many people offering content on their own on social networks, these they usually earn a little less, but as I said before, everything will depend on variables such as the price, public or even exclusivity.

Platforms and applications that help you how to sell photos of my feet


I will give you a series of interesting options so that you can choose which one you like best or suits you. It is possible that there are others currently, but surely these are the most reliable and popular for the date of writing this note.



This platform does not require further presentations, since is one of the most popular and lucrative of the moment. It sells all kinds of exclusive content, mainly for adults. Not all content within OnlyFans is the same, so you have no limits, you can easily focus on selling photos of your feet.

The application works under a subscription mode, where once the user locates you, they will pay a price to view content monthly. This means that depending on the number of followers you have, you will receive a monthly payment.

It is important that you keep in mind that the money obtained must be declared for the payment of taxes in some countries, formalizing yourself as self-employed.

Feet Finder

Feet Finder

It is a platform very similar to OnlyFans, but this is dedicated exclusively to the sale of photos and videos of feet. Accessing is much easier than in other similar ones, your subscription being completely free.

The popularity of this platform lies in the excellent reviews you have on the web, being one of the main references in terms of foot photo sales.

When you create your account, Feet Finder It will request information on whether you want to buy or sell content, which will allow you to create a completely personalized account for each case. Those who enter to sell, must pay a monthly or annual fee, which will have support from the platform to help increase the reach and therefore sales.

Foot Love

Foot Love

Unlike other platforms, Foot Love works solely as an app, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play. It emulates Instagram to the maximum, but you will only see feet.

Here you can buy and sell both videos and photos, even on request. To guarantee payments and the effectiveness of the application, Foot Love works with secure currencies and platforms such as Paypal.

At the time of writing this note, the app has more than 100 thousand downloads and almost 1.1 thousand reviews, which score 3.9 stars.

Developer: The Feet Company
Price: Free


Twitter How to sell photos of my feet

The little bird platform has opened up countless options for all kinds of people who want to offer their content. Despite being a social network for communication through short messages, its publication freedoms open up the possibility of generating followers and selling content to them.

It is necessary to say that on Twitter, despite achieving a high reach, requires working independently, we will not have a platform supporting sales. For this, it is necessary to have adequate payment channels and open communication with followers.

To obtain this type of material, we only have to include keywords or tags in the platform's search engine. You will surely find a lot of content. I recommend that you observe how the process is when visiting the account of other users who make sales and learn from them.


How to sell photos of my feet Telegram

Like the case of Twitter, Telegram is a platform that has features that allow the sale of content. Conceived as an open messaging system, currently many people sell content of all kinds through this medium, using the channels to promote or even under a subscription modality to sell their foot photos.

The subscription channels cannot be found through the search engine, many times you require a subscription link, which are granted after payment. Many of the people who use Telegram to sell photos of their feet rely on Twitter or other social networks to promote themselves.

One of the main advantages of Telegram is data security, but it requires, as in the case of sales through Twitter, self-management of the content, publication or even to attract new followers.

I hope this article has been useful for you and you have solved the problem of how to sell photos of my feet.

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