How to view Instagram stories anonymously?

Instagram stories

Instagram stories are one of the favorite formats of users on this social network. It has a very particular design that allows you to share more spontaneous and intimate moments. These details make us curious about see other people's stories without them knowing. Are there ways to view stories on Instagram anonymously? Let us answer this question: yes, there are.

In this article we will show you some simple tricks to view stories without leaving a trace on Instagram. But, first of all, we want to remind you that Improper use of these tactics may violate the privacy of other users and violate Instagram rules. We recommend that you use these methods with caution and ethics.

Instagram stories are more used than posts

Instagram feed.

In recent years, Instagram stories have become very popular among users of this social network compared to traditional publications. The reasons for this preference are several. First of all, the Vertical and ephemeral format of stories allows creating more casual, spontaneous and close content. This type of format helps connect emotionally with followers by showing the more human side of a brand. Additionally, the ephemeral nature of the stories creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

On the other hand, we highlight another advantage of stories compared to other types of posts within Instagram and that is that Stories facilitate direct interaction with the audience through surveys, questions and more creative options. This encourages more active engagement. In addition to this, stories are also a powerful tool for sales strategy, since it is more acceptable to promote products there organically.

Feed posts have the advantage of permanence and their potential reach is greater to attract new followers. But they require more planning and creative effort to stand out in a crowded feed. So, The stories win in this fight and that is why they are everyone's favorites.

To view Instagram stories without leaving a trace you have to:

Spy on Instagram stories.

We want to show you some Instagram tricks that will help you view stories anonymously, that is, without the person who published the story finding out. Here are the tricks:

Swipe without lifting your finger

An Instagram trick to view stories anonymously is to open the app and select the story next to the one you want to see and slide your finger to the side without lifting it to see the story. When you finish watching it, it is important to slide down to close the story so that there is no trace that we have seen it.

Airplane mode

Another way to view the story anonymously is to turn on airplane mode before trying to view anything. To activate airplane mode, you have to slide down the notification bar from the top right corner. In the notification bar look for the airplane mode icon and activate it.

Now Go to the story in question and click on it to view it. Once you've seen it, close Instagram and turn off airplane mode. These steps will have served to leave no trace of our visit through that history.

online tools

You can view Instagram stories anonymously with BlindStory.

There are also very interesting online tools to view Instagram stories anonymously. A specific case is blindstory.

BlindStory is a free app that you can find in the Google Play Store and offers some benefits for its users. For example, allow view and download Instagram stories without leaving any trace. You can search and enter the profile name to see the stories of your contacts and even users you don't follow anonymously.

The app also provides other benefits such as the option to save HD videos and photos from stories on your device in just one click. In addition, it has a special function called Story Magnet that automatically captures and saves stories before the person deletes them.

Even the app has an option to activate notifications for new posts. Every time your friends added to favorites publish a new story, you will receive a notification informing you of the news.
Download Blindstory at the link below.

Create a fake account

The last trick is not very ethical so we do not recommend doing it, and if you do it it will be at your own risk. This trick consists of creating a new account or Fake account to view others' stories anonymously.

To do so, press and hold your profile name until a drop-down menu appears where you can find the Add account option. Then, in this section you can create a fake account by pressing “Create new account”. Choose a username and click Next. In this step you can assign a password to your new account or add it to your Account Center. If you choose this second option, click Continue. Instagram will ask you if you want to create a new account in your account center. Press “Yes, continue” and you can start using your fake account. Use it to see other people's stories without them knowing.

Please note that using these tricks may violate Instagram's terms of service and user privacy. Consider using these tactics before spying on others' profiles on this social network.

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