What are paid subscriptions on Instagram

paid subscriptions on instagram

What are the paid subscriptions on instagram and how they work, is a couple of common doubts among many users. If you are curious, I invite you to read this brief note, where we will make it clear what they consist of.

The reach of the social network, Instagram, is very broad, there is a reason it has not declined despite the competition. The Subscriptions are an element that offers benefits to both the platform and the content creators.

If you are interested in knowing once and for all what paid subscriptions on Instagram are, you are in the right place. Sit back and enjoy this note, surely You will discover a large number of elements that you did not know.

What are paid Instagram subscriptions and how do they work?

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We will get to the point, because surely you are eager to know more about the subject. In a generalized way, a paid subscription on Instagram is nothing more than a function of the platform, which after paying a certain amount, allows you to enjoy exclusive content.

These subscriptions are made by content creators, that is, you as a viewer user, pay for view exclusive content for a specific account or profile. The content is diverse, you can find live streams, stories or even chats.

The payment of the monthly subscriptions and the amount is defined by the content creator himself. All material published by the profile in paid subscription format has a small purple ring.

To differentiate subscribers, the user who makes the payment, receive a badge. This not only allows you to imply that you are paying for the service, but also allows you to see the content creator if you have a subscription. The subscription badges have a white crown shape with a purple background.

It can be stated that one of the objectives of paid subscriptions on Instagram is that the creator know more about your audience. This allows you to create specialized content for your followers, which is monetized and, in turn, attracts new users.

This option also allows Content creators can generate dividends for its content within the social network. Keep in mind that the content you will see here does not violate the platform's rules.

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How to have my own profile monetized under subscription on Instagram

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This is a very interesting question, because it doesn't hurt anyone to generate income with their content, especially on Instagram. The truth is, I am sure that you may be disappointed, because not all creators are eligible. These are the minimum requirements to create a paid subscriptions profile on Instagram.

  • Residing in the United States: this is an essential condition, at least at the beginning of this modality. Other countries, such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, can access under an invitation format. It is expected that new nations will gradually join.
  • Be at least 18 years old: This is a legal condition, with 18 being the age of majority in almost all countries.
  • Have a certain number of followers: The necessary figure to be able to monetize your material is at least 10 thousand followers. This may seem like a high number, but it really isn't. Remember that previously this condition was imposed for some button and contact options.
  • Comply with platform policies: These policies are quite broad, I recommend that you read them in detail to get an idea. These are the monetization policies for partners and these are the ones content monetization.

I am sure that very soon you will be able to manage your own community. The idea is that your content goes viral, first among those who pay to see it and then publicly. Use the strategy that best suits you.

What to do when you can monetize

an influencer

Content monetization will be possible when you receive an invitation, which will arrive by email and by message within the platform. Basically, by meeting the requirements, developers will be put in touch with the most interesting content creators. Once contact has been made, the option to launch your subscription opens.

By having the endorsement of Instagram, you must go to the well-known “Panel for professionals”, where you will manage your community. Much more than seeing your general statistics, you can see data about who your subscribers are, when you have earned or even configure the monthly payment amount.

Now there is only continue creating quality content and attract new users who want to enjoy the exclusive material. It is possible to earn money while showing what you know how to do.

Other ways to monetize besides paid subscriptions on Instagram


Although it may not seem like it, it exists a large number of ways to earn money with your material on Instagram. The truth is, this allows for a proper balance and way of life. Among the most common means of generating dividends are:

  • Brand collaborations: This modality is basically providing content to various brands, which pay you directly for this.
  • Sponsorship: It is one of the most common forms of advertising, where you must show some brands or products within your content. That generates interesting profits.
  • Sales: You don't need to be a full-time influencer to sell your original products on Instagram. Perhaps this system requires a little more work, since it requires logistics for their delivery, but believe me, it is worth it.
  • Community Badges- Badges are a source of income for Instagram, only for live streams. These must be activated previously and the community will grant you some, which generate good dividends.
  • Gifts: Your community can contribute some virtual gifts, which are converted into money monthly. For every star received, you can receive about one cent. This option is only possible if you are residing in the United States.
  • Propinas– This option is located outside the Instagram platform, but is used by creators around the world. It consists of giving the data to send tips, the user gives what they consider and the creator receives in their account intended for the tips.

I hope I have helped you with the question of what paid subscriptions are on Instagram and understand a little how they work.

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