How to put Gmail on the desktop for quick access

put gmail on desktop

If you have reached this article it is because you probably want to learn how to put Gmail on your desktop Since it is your favorite email client, or the one you use the most, whatever the reason. That is why we are going to explain you in different steps that you can very easily follow to get to be able to work in the best way with Gmail on your desktop.

In case you do not know Gmail, you have to know that it was one of the first email services that allowed its use from local mail clients or also based on the cloud, all thanks to the IMAP protocol of Gmail. But even if Google has official clients for mobile devices such as Android or iOS, we have to tell you that it does not have a specific one for you to use on your Windows operating system computer.

Alternatives to Gmail
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This small inconvenience (which for some may be a great inconvenience) forces you to have to use local mail clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, with which you can synchronize your email and have it always at your disposal, even without any need for a connection. Internet or Wifi.

To start we have to tell you that there is no desktop application and it is official created by Google for Gmail as such, but if there is a trick thanks to which we can open an instance of Gmail in a completely independent window, and that with a different interface than the one offered in Google Chrome, it will serve you perfectly as a Gmail client. All of this combined with the offline mode that we will also teach you, since it is something that Google has recently added to Gmail,  you will be able to create a totally independent Gmail application on your computer with Windows operating system.

How to put Gmail on the desktop

Gmail on desktop

At this point and once you have activated the offline mode or also known as offline mode of Gmail, without leaving the mail platform, you will have to click on the icon with three vertical dots that you will find in the Google Chrome browser so that when it shows you the menu you can go to the menu option 'more tools' and after that, you can select 'Create Shortcut' no problem.

All these previous steps will make a small window appear in which you will have to make sure that in one of the boxes that it says 'Open as window' is checked. In addition to this you can also customize the name of the application that you are going to create although everything has to be said, it is best that you leave it with its original name, by which we all know it, Gmail, since it will be easier for you to find or to recognize, but for tastes, colors.

Once you have finished with this, you will have to click on the 'create' button, which will allow you to create the shortcut to the Gmail app that you are going to use, and which we want to place on the desktop of your Windows operating system , and from your PC, although everything has to be said and in case you are interested in having it more at hand, this shortcut also it can be docked in the start menu or in the task bar of your computer. 

To be able to enter the Gmail application even without an internet connection, you will only have to double click on the shortcut created previously.

What is Gmail and how to get it?

Gmail Drive

For those who do not know, Gmail is a service or email client that created the Google search engine, the one that most of us use on our computers. It therefore has the backing of one of the largest companies in the world. Google mail or Gmail is an email service totally price quotation which provides you with many functions that we will cover later during this article.

The Gmaile mail application is available at more than 50 languages and is financed by Google advertising. With Gmail, you can send or receive your email messages, all through a simple interface, very similar to that of a browser, which you can understand and use without problem from your personal computer at home or from work.

Gmail tricks
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The Google mail application, Gmail, also has clients or applications to be used on smartphones, specifically for iOS, Android and tablets. In addition, there is also a paid version of Gmail without advertising for offices and companies that wish to hire it.

Gmail is based on the Ajax language, a programming language that is based on JavaScript and XML. This language allows users to see that they are permanently viewing an HTML page next to the client without any need to reload all the content you are viewing in the mail or the interface, that is, without reloading when the individual parameters change. Despite being a web application, Gmail allows you to be able to retrieve email messages through POP3 and IMAP4, that is, to use the Gmail mailbox with an external email program such as Thunderbird or the also known and famous Microsoft Outlook.

Delete Gmail
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To be able to use Google email, Gmail, you will need to have an account with the same company. Once you have it, you will be automatically assigned a Gmail address that you have previously chosen based on your username. In addition to the personal account, also there may be custom addresses or domains in order to be able to work with them in your work environment.

Gmail Features

The main feature or functionality of Google's mail client, Gmail, is based on the fact that use standalone email programs such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird. By using Ajax technology, many of the functions of Gmail are very similar to an email program that is installed locally on your personal computer. Therefore, Gmail aggregates all received or written email messages in a buffer in the event of an unintended disconnection from the Google web application, for example, through connection timeout or connection time. wait you have to press F5 or load a web from scratch.

Another of its characteristics is that the email storage is fully centralized. What it achieves in this way is that the user has the option of marking the emails with different attributes and thus being able to sort them in a better way. This is one of the fundamental characteristics that make the difference to the maximum with respect to other email programs that work with a simple folder system and are limited to staying there, without going further like Gmail. This system to give you the idea, is similar to the chips that would be provided with different indexes.

The Google search engine may be the most used web page indexing method right now. Also, one of the features of Gmail that I like the most is that itThe emails from the Gmail mailbox are fully organized according to tabs that are specially characterized and some functions are fully available to you without having to open the email at that time.

You have to take into account for your customization that right now there are many Gmail extensions available, something that makes the Google mail client very attractive. It all has to be said, partly officially from Google there are a few but also partly unofficially from private developers, which you can implement to expand the range of functions of the Google mail client. If you think that you are missing certain features of an email client, you could use extensions such as Boomerang, or other services such as GooglePlus or Google Hangouts from Google that we have all used at this point in life and that so many meetings have left good (or bad) in them. 

Having said all this and without further ado, next we want to show you step by step how to put gmail on the desktop And also, you will learn that if you run out of an Internet connection for whatever reason, you can enter to manage your Gmail emails by activating the offline or offline mode of the Google email client.

If you have found it interesting, have any questions or want to contribute anything to the article, do not hesitate to write it here below in the comment box that we have enabled for you. We hope you have learned how to put gmail on your desktop without any hesitation. Enjoy your new email!

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