How to sell cars in GTA V (even offline)

sell cars gta v

If you want to sell cars in GTA V In its story mode, you have to know that unfortunately, it will not be possible for you to perform this operation. In addition to the occasional mission that will be given to you during the video game campaign to recover cars, such as Devin Weston's missions, there is no functionality or tool as such to carry out the sale of cars in the GTA story mode V.

This possibility of selling cars in GTA V was introduced only for GTA V online, that is, you will need to be playing online. And for more information about it, it was introduced thanks to a DLC that allows you to recover cars and then export them, to be able to earn money from the sale of the latter and its export. In the mode GTA V story, However, what is possible is to install a mod for PC that will allow you to enable the sale of cars.

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Yes, things are like that and this is what there is but if you still wonder how to sell cars in GTA offline, you are in the correct article. In this article, in fact, we will teach you the procedures that you must follow to be able to sell the vehicles in the different chapters of this famous video game saga that we like so much and thus be able to earn so much money that you will never worry about it again. But to start, you have to know how to install mods in GTA V (story mode), and that, we will also teach you in this article during the following lines.

Using mods to sell cars in GTA V

What I do have to warn you is that the use of modifications or mods is only allowed in this mode of GTA V. If you start GTA V Online with modifications or mods active it could result in final ban or account ban and with that, you need to buy another account again to play GTA V online.

There are several modifications or mods that allow you to enable the sale of GTA V cars for PC without anything happening or getting your account banned. The one we recommend in this article for you to use is called «Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership », since it does not require the installation of any additional component to what you already download in that mod.

If you have not yet installed any mod or modification in the GTA V video game, we will teach you how to do it in the following lines, and thus, you can install without any problem the mod that allows you to sell cars in gta v.

How to download Mods for GTA V


To obtain the mod in question that will allow you to sell cars in gta, you must enter the web portal, where you will also find many others, and press the button download when you find «Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealer» After downloading the .zip file that the web will download automatically, you will have to extract its content in the main installation folder of GTA V.

In case you bought GTA V on steam then you will need to hit the road C: Program Files (x86) Steam steamapps common Grand Theft Auto Vwhereas if you bought it on the Rockstar Games website you will need to access the path C: Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto V Program Files.

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After you put the contents of the file that you found in the zip, inside the main folder of GTA V, you only have to start the game and little else. Once you have done this, you will have to open the map, and there you will find a new one dollar icon (the game currency) : this will indicate the location of the place on the game map where cars can be sold, which also to give you some more information, that you know corresponds to Premium Deluxe Motorsport (Obviously, from the mod) that is, Simeon's distributor, a character that you already met during the campaign, since I leave you safely the first missions within the game that you had to perform at that time.

Once you have reached the back of the dealership with any car you have, you must place it in the yellow circle you will see. Afterwards, the video game or the mod, depending on how you want to see it, will show you a box in the lower left part of the screen in which it will tell you to press the button Y for sell the car or the N key to cancel the sale operation of the vehicle. 

Once you have confirmed the sale of the car with the appropriate button that we indicated before, the car itself will be placed in front of the dealer, and after this it will be sold at the indicated price that you previously accepted. As you spend time in GTA V, you will have the possibility to sell different cars and thus you can earn a lot of money. Selling cars in gta v is a good way to start making money and finance whatever you want to buy from the video game. 

How do you know if the money has reached your GTA V bank account? As simple as that an unmistakable notification will notify you of the sale and the money will be immediately credited to your account to be able to use it.

Do you already know how to sell cars in gta v? Do you have any other way to do it? Tell us in the comments box how you manage to sell cars or what mod you use for it, or if on the contrary, you have some other way to get money we are also interested. We hope this article on how to sell cars in GTA V has been helpful to you. 

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