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spanish series hbo

There is a lot of talk (both for and against) Spanish cinema, but we often forget the variety and high quality level of television series produced in Spain. In recent years, some of them have achieved spectacular international success, but the best thing is that new titles keep appearing, each more interesting. In this post we review the best spanish HBO series, a selection where we will find a little of everything.

As Netflix, Amazon Prime or Movistar Plus, HBO Max is a magnificent platform to enjoy this type of audiovisual content. Its catalog surprises us with a good bouquet of series of all genres and for all tastes.

Along with established series that already have a few years behind them, we also find new and exciting proposals. Fictions that will amuse, shake, interest and entertain us. Here goes our selection:

The Ministry of Time

ministry of time

Undoubtedly, one of the most original proposals that have emerged in the panorama of Spanish series in recent years. See The Ministry of Time It has a double utility for the viewer: they have a great time and also end up learning the history of Spain, which never hurts.

His argument is as follows: the Government of Spain has been controlling for centuries mysterious and with the utmost secrecy some portals through which you can travel back in time and that its agents use to prevent anyone from traveling to the past to change history. , that is, our present.

The Ministry of Time (2015): 4 seasons and 42 episodes.


Benidorm series

A series that mixes drama with comedy and that sets its story in Benidorm, the famous tourist town of the Spanish Levante. The main character is Xabi (played by Antonio Pagudo), a Basque notary who has just received the worst news: a cancer diagnosis and a life horizon of a maximum of three months.

Xabi makes the decision to take advantage of his limited time in this world to travel to Benidorm to meet again with María, whom he met on his COU study trip and who has been the love of his life ever since.

Benidorm (2021): 1 season and 8 episodes

30 Coins

30 monedas

Ambitious series in which horror, drama and science fiction are mixed. All from the master hand of Álex de la Iglesia and with a masterful performance by Eduard Fernández and with the presence of many great actors and actresses from the national scene.

The plot of 30 Coins It is as crazy as it is addictive: in a remote town in deep Spain, a cow gives birth to a human baby. An unusual fact that has to do with the search for one of the silver coins with which Judas was rewarded for betraying Jesus Christ.

30 Coins (2020): 1 season and 8 episodes.


garcia hbo max

Curious series based on the comic by Luis Bustos and Santiago García that tells us the bizarre story of García, a super-soldier created during the Franco regime, tough to beat and programmed to obey. After spending more than 60 years frozen in a secret place, someone wakes him up and García finds himself with a divided Spain in which chaos reigns.

The plot of Garcia! It is full of humor and imagination. In addition, it has a cast of first-class actors: Francisco Ortiz and Veki Velilla (the leading couple), as well as Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, Silvia Abascal, Lola Herrera or Miki Molina, among others.

Garcia! (2021): 1 season and 6 episodes.


isabel hbo max

One of the Spanish historical series most praised by critics and least reviled by historians, which has its merit. It is based on the story of the queen Isabel de Castilla, a key figure in the history of Spain and the world, played by Isabel Jenner in one of the best performances of her career. Essential.

Isabel (2012): 3 seasons and 39 episodes.



Based on the novel Patria, by Fernando Aramburu, the eponymous series is a five-star product very faithful to the original and equally thrilling. The series addresses the Basque conflict during the hardest years of ETA terrorism and the impact on two families. The main protagonists are the mothers: Bittori (Elena Irureta), whose husband has been murdered by ETA, and Miren (Ane Gabarain), whose son is a member of the gang.

Bittori's return to his town means a reunion with history and remembering everything again. Homeland It is a series that everyone should watch, both for the quality of the production and for the message it conveys.

Homeland (2020): 1 season and 8 episodes

Vote Juan

vote john

A faithful and sad portrait of Spanish politics, with a humor tinged with bitterness and criticism. That's what we found in Vote Juan, the series starring the great Javier Cámara. He is Juan, a minister of agriculture who aspires to one day become president of the government.

In seasons 2 and 3 of the series, the title of the series changes slightly to "Vamos Juan" and "Come Juan", but the plot and characters are basically the same.

Vote Juan (2019): 3 seasons and 23 episodes.

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