The toolbar has disappeared in Word, what do I do?

toolbar disappears word

If you are a Microsoft Word user you will know that many of the tools, never better said, are found within the toolbar itself. And that it disappears is a very big problem. This bar has been a menu that includes all the important options of Word and therefore if the toolbar disappears in Word as we say it is a big problem when it comes to layout a document whatever it is for.

Sometimes this can happen because of a mistake or because of any bullshit it just disappears. This too it extends to the other Microsoft Office programs such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point. This toolbar is also available in those programs and becomes essential at many points. It may be hidden or minimized so if you don't know how to make it come back you won't be able to access it until you put it back on its site. But don't worry, all this can be fixed and can be solved in a very quick and easy way (as almost always).

At the end of the article we are going to tell you why we think this usually happens, because in fact and anticipating it, it can be for many reasons. The truth is that sometimes it can be due to an error, a change of screen and its resolution or for many other reasons that will cause the toolbar to disappear or always appear minimized without blocking. And we understand that if you are reading this article it is because you want to always have it visible and at hand.

Toolbar disappears in Word: How to get it back?

Microsoft Word

Depending on the version of Microsoft Office you have, this guide will vary a bit. For example, if you have the one from 2010 or earlier, you will have to read a specific part of the article, the most at the end. In any case we also have to say that this is for versions of Windows operating system. With all this and once you know what it is, we are going to explain how to make the toolbar that disappears in Word come back to life on your interface.

How to recover the toolbar in recent versions of Microsoft Word?

As we said, if you are from old versions of Microsoft Word, you better go to the final section of the article since we are going to start with the recent ones. What you have to do in Word is basically look in the upper right part of the program's interface. You will have to go right next to the buttons to close, minimize and others, There you will find the clickable button for presentation options and as you click on it, a box will be displayed.

In that box you can select how you want the Word application to be displayed. The classic option will be the one that will appear to you to click as «Show tabs and commands» Once you click there everything will appear again and we will have solved the problem. Therefore We will have already solved the fact that the toolbar disappears in Word.

How to recover the toolbar in 2010 or earlier versions of Microsoft Word?

Anchor options in Word

If you are one of those who do not update Microsoft Office much, then you will be here. You will probably have a 2010 or earlier version of Microsoft Word. But do not worry too much because everything is fixed, even in the old versions. If you are one of the latter, we start with the quick guide to recover the missing toolbar:

Right now you should see an icon to display the bar or to fix it in case it is minimized. To know this for sure you will have to select a tab such as Home, and there the toolbar may reappear temporarily). This button may be a down arrow in older versions of Microsoft Word, It can also be a thumbtack like the one we put in the image above. In any case, it should be located in the upper right corner, whatever icon it has. Once you find this pin and click it, you are going to fix the entire toolbar that had appeared at that time. Everything will stay correctly fixed until you unlock again with the thumbtack.

Why does the toolbar normally disappear in Microsoft Word?

Before we go we want to finish the article with why this bar disappears, so that you take everything into account and it never happens again. In this way you will not have to resort to Google or Mobile Forum as you are doing now. Keep in mind the points that we are going to add below because they are part of the guide in which you learned how to recover the Word toolbar.

From our experience the toolbar disappears in Word because of the following:

  1. You have left the toolbar set to auto hide and is not visible.
  2. The process explorer.exe has been blocked and the toolbar is completely gone.
  3. La screen resolution or the main screen has been changed and that is what has caused the toolbar to disappear from the screen.
  4. You clicked on the famous pushpin and you have unlocked the whole bar therefore disappears and appears at will.

In case none of this works for you and the bar never appears, you can always go to Microsoft Office and Word support if your version is paid. Or if it is not, look for alternatives to Word that are more comfortable for you as a word processor. Just one of them and widely used on the Internet is Open Office, a free word processor of a suite that also includes alternative versions to Excel called Numbers or Microsoft Power Point, such as Draw. It is not a bad option and you can take it into account.

We hope this article has been helpful and that you already know why the toolbar disappears in Word but above all, that now you know how to make it reappear and leave it fixed. If you have any questions or suggestions you can leave it in the comment box. See you in the next Mobile Forum article.

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