What kind of content is seen the most on TikTok?

What type of content on TikTok is viewed the most?

Unless you live under a rock, you have surely heard or experienced firsthand the great impact that TikTok has today. In fact, it is one of the most used social networks currently not only by the younger population, but by almost everyone. Now, what is so special about this platform? How many followers do you really have? ¿What type of content is viewed the most on TikTok? Let's analyze the answers to these interesting questions.

Since 2017, this social network of Chinese origin has been the sensation of the Internet. His short videos full of entertainment have made millions of people hooked on their mobile screen. So it is not surprising that many brands, artists and other users want to get the most out of this platform. That's why, In this article we will see some interesting statistics about TikTok.

The type of content on TikTok makes it have more and more followers

Followers on TikTok

Thus, the success of TikTok is clearly seen by the number of followers or active users it has per month. Until now, The social network has about 1.218 million users Worldwide. Of this total figure, the countries with the highest number of followers (over 18 years old) are the following:

  • USA: 143,4 million
  • Indonesia: 106,5 million
  • Brazil: 94,9 million
  • Mexico: 68,8 million
  • Vietnam: 62,6 million
  • Russia: 59,1 million
  • Pakistan: 48,1 million
  • Philippines: 39,8 million
  • Thailand: 38 million
  • Türkiye: 35 million

Now, Spain It has about 16,63 active users on TikTok who are over 18 years old. Of this amount, 57% are female audiences and the remaining 43% are male. It should be noted that during 2023, the number of users increased by 2,9 million, which is 21,1% compared to the previous year.

TikTok users by age

On the other hand, how old are TikTok users? In the opinion of some, this social network was created for the youngest population: generation Z (born between 1997 and 2015). However, this idea is not entirely correct. In fact, 57,1% of the people who use TikTok are over 25 years old.

Hen/Stag user numbers according to their ages

  • 421.1 million 18-24 years old (39,8%)
  • 306.7 million 25-34 years old (29%)
  • 135.8 million 35-44 years old (12,9%)
  • 75.3 million 45-54 years old (7,2%)
  • 83.6 million +55 years (8%)

How many TikTok videos are uploaded per day?

how many videos are uploaded to TikTok

A very common question is how many TikTok videos are uploaded per day? Currently, More than 11 million videos are uploaded to TikTok in a single day, since there is no limit to the number of videos that can be uploaded per day for each account. However, this was not always like that. Previously, users could only upload a maximum of three videos per day. Fortunately, this has changed and now you can post as much as you want.

Buthow many videos should you post If you want to gain more followers on TikTok? According to experts on the subject, the TikTok accounts With more followers on the platform, they upload around 14 videos per week. Which means you'll be more likely to get views and go viral if you upload two videos per day.

The most consumed type of content on TikTok

content consumed on TikTok

The data mentioned above gives us an idea of ​​why TikTok has become so popular in recent years. All in all, these figures would mean nothing if it were not for the type of content that is uploaded daily on the platform. Next, let's see which videos have the most views on TikTok.


The 'Entertainment' category is the most viewed on TikTok, with 535.000 million searches. And is not for less. Since in it you can find videos about practically anything you can think of: jokes, jokes, magic, beauty, etc. This is even the most addictive category on the platform, as it offers a kind of disconnection for users.


The second category that has the most popularity in searches is Dance. With 181.000 million searches, this type of content is the most viewed on TikTok. We already understand why we see so many people, adults, young people and children, dancing in front of the mobile camera. In fact, many singers use this powerful tool to spread their new musical releases. Now everything makes sense!

A type of content on TikTok monitored: Jokes

Since the advent of the Internet, pranks have been a very attractive type of entertainment for people around the world. So prank videos are the third most viewed category on TikTok. Has some 79.000 million searches. So there are quite a few users who are entertained by this type of content.


Those who want to use social networks to spread their knowledge about the fitness world have a large space on TikTok. And, obviously, those who want to learn more about the subject can also get a lot out of this tool. For this reason, the 4th place in TikTok views goes to the Fitness category with more than 57.000 million searches.

DIY tricks

Home renovation, restoration, and construction also have their place on TikTok. This is shown by the search figures that indicate that at least 39.000 million of people are interested in this type of content.


Beauty and skin care is also a very popular category on the social network. More of 33.000 million of users search for content on this topic. Therefore, it is ideal for entrepreneurs and professionals in the world of personal care who want to boost their personal brand.

Another type of content on TikTok: Fashion

The world of fashion also says it is present on TikTok. In this sense, the bsearches amount to 27.000 million. Which makes the platform an ideal site for fashion experts.

Kitchen Recipes

Videos that show cooking recipes in just a few seconds have become favorites of millions of users. In fact, this category has more than 18.000 million searches on the Chinese social network.


Tips and tricks to make your life easier are also an important part of TikTok. More of 13.000 million of people often search for this type of content very frequently.


Pets such as kittens, puppies, parrots and other animals are a highly viewed category on most social networks and video platforms. And, as is obvious, TikTok is no exception. This space has some 10.000 million searches worldwide.

One last type of content on TikTok: Outdoors

Finally, we find the outdoor content that, although for some it is very interesting, has 2.000 million searches. A figure that, although quite large, is small compared to the entertainment and dance category.

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