Do you want to know who visits your profile on Facebook Couples?

How to know who visits your Facebook profile Couples

Facebook Couples is a social network within Facebook that gives you the opportunity to meet people based on your interests and tastes. It is used to flirt and find your better half, but Do you want to know who visits your profile on Facebook Couples? 

To know this, it is mainly necessary that you know some aspects of how the application works. For example, it is different from Facebook as such, so knowing who visits your profile is not an easy thing. Let's see what this dating tool is about and some tricks that allow you to know who is investigating your account.

What is Facebook Couples?

what is Facebook couples

Facebook Couples (in English, Facebook Dating) is a service owned by Meta that helps you get dates, partners or flirt with other people. The algorithm of this platform allows you to link and connect two people based on their common interests and tastes.

To use Facebook Couples you must know that this social network works within a social network, which is none other than Facebook itself. To enter it you must click on the button with the heart icon. You can share your Facebook and Instagram posts on a completely separate dating profile.

You can send messages to people you are interested in or like them to make a match. If the other person thinks the same about you, a connection and a communication window are created through a chat. Definitely, find love through apps It is possible thanks to Facebook Couples and its dating service.

It is possible to know who visits your profile on Facebook Couples

know who visits your Facebook profile

The reality is that there is no native application, method or way; through third-party applications or extensions that allow you to know who visits your profile Facebook Couples or Facebook. Even the social network itself has indicated that, if you find any way or way to achieve this using programs, you should automatically report it to the social network.

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What we are going to recommend below are some tricks that you can use to determine who visits your profile. They are visible details, one or another aspect through the source code and clarify the subject of these applications a little. The goal is for you to be aware of what can be done safely and what can cause problems.

Tricks to know who visits your profile on Facebook Couples

Trick to know who visits your profile on Facebook

As we have mentioned before, knowing who visits your profile on Facebook Couples is not feasible directly or natively on the social network. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to achieve and here we will tell you the steps to follow to find solutions:

Download third-party apps

Be very careful not to fall for these types of publications that "guarantee you know who visits your Facebook profile" if you download an application. The first thing to note is that "there is no app that does this", therefore this is a lie. Additionally, they are not available on the Google Play Store or other official app store.

This means that you must visit a third-party, unofficial website and download the app that promises to do so. It is undoubtedly a dangerous action because it could be a scam to try to hack your mobile or computer. We recommend that you completely ignore any news that talks about applications to find out who visits your Facebook Couples profile.

Source code

This option is a bit risky and may work slightly to find out who visits your Facebook Couples profile. If you want to continue, I leave you the steps to follow:

  • Open your profile on Facebook Couples.
  • Click with the right mouse button on any space on the screen.
  • A sale will open, you must click on the “inspect” or “view page source” option.
  • A more direct way is to press the "F12" key and a panel will open showing us the source code of the selected page. Another option is to press the key combination "Ctrl + u" and they will take you to the same path.
  • Once opened you will see HTML code, press the key combination "Ctrl + F" to open a search engine on the page and enter the following word: "BUDDY_ID«.
  • You will see several results, but the one that interests us is the numerical code that appears next to this identifier.
  • This coding is what Facebook assigns to each user of the social network and to know who it is you must enter it in the following link:

Doing this involves a very heavy process because you will surely see many codes when searching for the identifier. Considering that a large number of people see your profile, I recommend you locate the ID of that user who you want to know if they have seen your account. It is easier to search for a particular code than hundreds of them.

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Use a URL shortener

Un url shortener is a tool that generates a new web address from one we give it. You just have to use that link to promote your Facebook profile and every time someone logs in with it, it will record their IP address. Then, you just have to see the information that the shortener returns and you will know that it has visited you.

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The interactions of your posts

Interactions on Facebook Couples

A simple piece of information that the social network itself provides us with is through the interactions you receive on your profile. For example, if a person comments on you, likes or shares your content, this user will undoubtedly visit your profile. You just have to pay a quick visit to your notifications view and review all the activity that is generated in your account.

Facebook Friendship Suggestions

The Facebook algorithm works to generate new connections between users who have the same friends in common. When the social network suggests adding a certain friend to your contacts – which you may or may not know – means in a way that this user has visited your profile.

Featured Facebook Friends

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If you notice that Facebook has automatically highlighted some known contacts, it is because he frequently visits your profile. You must make sure that you have not marked it, but if it is classified as such, it has been the social network considering that it makes many stops on your profile.

Dating apps give us fabulous options to make a date and meet people. Through Facebook Couples it is possible to achieve love, but you cannot know natively or precisely which stranger visits your profile. Try some of these options and tell us how things went for you.

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