We explain how anti-theft applications for mobile phones work

anti-theft apps for mobile

Anti-theft applications for mobile phones They are programs that are used to determine who has taken the equipment in an unscrupulous manner. The apps are configured to activate the device's camera and take a photo of the person who has it.

These applications can be of great help to be able to accuse a person of the theft of your smartphone, considering the legal complexity of identifying a phone thief. Let's see how these apps work, how they benefit us and why it is good to have them installed.

What are phone anti-theft apps?

Apps to protect your mobile from theft

Hen/Stag Phone anti-theft apps are security tools that help us, among other things, identify who has taken the equipment. One of its functions is to activate the camera to capture an image of the thief.

Android security
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Photographs can be used in court as evidence to accuse a person of having stolen the phone. Let's take a closer look at how anti-theft applications for mobile phones work:

Grant permissions

Anti-theft applications for mobile phones request permission to access the camera of the device to be able to activate it in case it has been stolen. This capture is done automatically - after configuration - in case an anomaly is detected with the use of the equipment.

Set a number of unlock attempts

If the phone is being manipulated by a stranger, who has taken the phone with bad intentions, they will try to unlock it with some passwords. If we configure the anti-theft application to have a maximum number of attempts, can trigger the activation of alarms or lock the equipment. Also, you can turn on the camera and take a photo of the thief.

Saved photos

Automatically, once the photograph is taken, it is will be stored in the gallery or in the cloud. Everything will depend on the application settings. We recommend that the photo be uploaded directly, so you can have the proof and make the respective report to the authorities. In addition, it saves a location of the photo, making it easier to geolocation of the individual.

Why have anti-theft applications on your mobile?

why install anti-theft applications for mobile

Taking a person who has stolen a phone to prison in Spain is very complicated, especially due to the legal regulations around this action. For example, the theft of a mobile device is considered a "minor crime." Furthermore, there is another impediment that affects the police authorities and judicial measures to combat multiple recidivism, this is a reform to the Penal Code of 2022, after the Supreme Court will issue a ruling establishing that "all stolen material must exceed 400 euros in value."

Avoid Wallapop scam
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According to figures from the Ministry of the Interior, in 2022 there were 130.629 phone thefts and in 20223 there were 103.075 mobile thefts. Given these situations and impediments, the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB) has proposed that phone theft be considered a "less serious crime" and has a sentence of 1 to 3 years of pressure.

With all these legal situations that jeopardize justice and put a person who steals phones in prison, The solution is to have mobile anti-theft applications. For example, if the camera is activated and captures the thief's face, this can be evidence to take him to trial. However, some experts think it still won't be enough.

They are based on the fact that «The thief's privacy has been violated by taking a photo without being notified«. It sounds ironic, but the laws can let a person go free if a photo taken in this way is used as evidence.

5 anti-theft applications that you can download

anti-theft apps for Android

With all this information, It is best to have your Android smartphone protected to prevent them from at least having access to the information. To do this, we show you 5 anti-theft applications that you can use:

Burglar alarm for mobile

This application is used to generate alarms in case a stranger takes your mobile phone, without first consulting it. It has a locking system, especially when it is in charging mode connected to the power, and if someone unplugs it or tries to turn it on and does not enter the code, a security alarm will sound. Additionally, it takes a photo and the location of the person who touched the device and sends it by mail to a previously configured emergency contact.

Antivirus + Security | Lookout

The mobile anti-theft application offers a security system to analyze the Wi-Fi connections to which you connect. If anomalies are detected, it does not allow the connection to proceed and notifies you. In addition, it has equipment analysis systems to determine the proper functioning of the equipment.

apps backup
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You can remotely manage the device through a function that allows you to block or delete the data you have stored. This, in case of theft or loss, in order to render the equipment unusable. Also, use a VPN service that blocks dangerous URLs preventing access.

Prey: Tracking and Security

This application has been on the market for more than 13 years protecting and caring for mobile devices. It has a system that prevents the app from being deleted regularly, only with encryption. In addition, you can delete data and lock the phone remotely in case you have lost it.

Prey: Find My Phone & Security
Prey: Find My Phone & Security

Do not touch My phone

The application has functions that detect if a stranger or unauthorized person touches your mobile. To do this, it uses anti-spy technology, with location detection and alarm notification systems. The program can be customized to control the volume of alarms, know the security level in a certain area, among others.

Anti-theft alarm

With this application the chances of your phone being stolen are very low, thanks to a continuous alarm system that cannot be deactivated, even if you kill the app or restart the device. It can detect when a stranger takes the mobile phone or disconnects it from its charge without authorization. In addition, it has a proximity system to prevent it from being stolen in public spaces.

Anti-theft alarm
Anti-theft alarm
Developer: RaLok Technologies
Price: Free
Security with fingerprint screen lock
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With these anti-theft applications for mobile phones you will be safer and more protected, but we always recommend never letting your guard down. Especially in places we don't know or visit infrequently. What do you think about these security tools for your phone?

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