How to repair Outlook app if it doesn't work on mobile

What to do if the Outlook app isn't working properly

The application of Outlook email in its mobile version it is very practical to manage your Microsoft accounts. However, sometimes the Outlook app does not work on the mobile, it turns off by itself, does not send messages or has problems updating the trays.

It's very annoying that our tool for working with emails starts to fail or have problems. But the best alternative in these cases is to try to find the causes and thus solve them quickly. From a cache overrun to bugs fixed with a new update. In this article we explore the most common causes of errors in the Outlook app if it doesn't work on mobile, and possible solutions.

What to do if the Outlook app does not work on your mobile

If the app Outlook suddenly doesn't work on your mobile, but until now it was running normally, it could be due to one of the two most common reasons: an update error or incompatibilities with WebView. Each cause has a different form of settlement.

What is WebView?

Application WebView belongs to the inner workings of the Android operating system. It is an app that is responsible for synchronizing the processes of the Outlook app with the official website of the email platform. In case WebView starts crashing on your operating system, it can have a negative impact on the app's performance. Many of the processes of the Outlook app work as long as it is correctly synchronized with the web. As long as the problem with WebView is not fixed, you can use your webmail from the official page. Managing through the traditional Outlook browser interface.

Troubleshoot in Outlook by WebView

To retrieve the control of your Outlook app caused by problems in WebView it is recommended to uninstall the updates of this app. Perhaps there is a corrupted file or incompatibilities with your mobile that prevent its proper functioning.

  • Find the WebView app in Android Settings.
  • Click on Properties and uninstall the downloaded updates.

Outlook update problems

It may be that the reason why the Outlook app does not work on your mobile, either that the app itself is badly updated. In this case, it is recommended to uninstall and reinstall it, and if the problem continues to recur, install a previous version that runs on our device.

This is the definitive solution, since what is done is to uninstall any trace of the app on the mobile before reinstalling the platform from scratch. But first you can try alternatives such as clearing the cache.

Clear cache and force stop Outlook

La cache It is a set of small files that applications generate as they are used. Over time, this accumulation can end up generating errors, so it is recommended to access the application properties, clear the cache and force stop the app. Then, try again to open the application to confirm if the unexpected shutdown problem is corrected.

  • Open the mobile Settings application.
  • Find the Outlook application and select the Properties menu.
  • Press the Clear Cache and Force Stop button.

This procedure should solve any inconvenience caused by mobile performance errors. But if it does not work, you have to proceed with the update or subsequent uninstallation of Outlook.

What to do if the Outlook app does not work

Always keep the app in its most up-to-date version

When we update the operating system and the app is still on an older version, compatibility issues may occur. That is why it is important to check that there is not a new version available through the official store. In the Google Play Store you can place the name of the Outlook app and a button will appear with the indication of Update in case there is a new update package. Otherwise, there is still no news. You can try reinstalling the app or downgrading to a previous version to try to fix unexpected shutdown issues.

Check storage space

Another possibility if the Outlook mobile app does not work is check available storage memory. Just like on a desktop computer, if there is no data storage space, the phone may start to experience performance errors. The most common error is that certain applications suddenly shut down. This is because they often generate cache and other data and having no storage space they are overwritten and generate errors.

This error is usually reported earlier by the system, since it usually has warning messages if the available memory reaches a limit. But it doesn't hurt to delete some unnecessary files if possible.

Close background applications if the Outlook app does not work on your mobile

You can also try closing apps running in the background on your mobile phone. There are times when many applications are running simultaneously, processes are generated that are not compatible or may present some kind of problem. If your Outlook application suddenly started crashing or closing itself, try turning off other services running in the background.

Format the device

This is the Last solution to try to get the Outlook app running on your mobile. If you already updated, reinstalled the app and it still runs with errors, try returning the phone to its factory state. When formatting, all data that you have not backed up is lost. But when you reinstall the Outlook app there will be no interrupting file. If, even so, the app does not work, we are facing a problem that is clearly related to Android and Outlook and you will have to wait for new update packs since there are no local actions left to try. It does not usually happen, but there are always exceptions for this type of situation.

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